• Sep 19, 2019
All living beings have to have continuous access to clear drinking water, and parrots – not an exception.

 Parrots cockatoos drink the Parrot has to have continuous access to clear and fresh water

Water consumption depends on amount of the eaten fruit, vegetables and other forage and also on air temperature.

Some owners are convinced that if the feathery pet drinks a little and in a drinking bowl there is a liquid, water does not need to be changed. This delusion. Water has to change on clean and fresh every day. And it is necessary to change water twice a day in the summer.

Should not give to drink to a parrot the water from under the crane aerated or boiled. The best option – the bottled water without gas containing potassium (at least 20), sodium and magnesium.

If you offer the feathery friend the filtered water from under the crane, surely watch that the filter was in working order.
Can be added to water several drops of lemon juice, broth of a dogrose or camomile.

is very useful To parrots juice. Juice for birds is made of useful fruit and vegetables by means of the juice extractor or is bought ready – in jars for baby food. But purchased children's juice should not contain sugar.

can dilute Juice with water.

that in heat juice quickly spoils therefore it should not be in a drinking bowl long.
 the Parrot drinks

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