• Sep 19, 2019

the Choice of the feathery friend has to be conscious. Depends on it, how happily there will be your joint life. So, what bird to choose ?

Rules of the choice of a bird

  • Be defined why to you the pet. Do you want to admire the beautiful creature of the nature or to enjoy singing? Or perhaps you plan to breed birds? Or you need the companion for communication?
  • If you plan to get the first in the life feathery friend, you should not buy a large parrot (for example, a cockatoo or the macaw). The inexperienced person sometimes cannot tame a serious bird, but to spoil character quite really. If you are not able to refuse the idea to buy a large parrot, it is worth addressing for consultation competent experts.
 couple of parrots of macaw
  • If you the beginner and when choosing "chatterer" hesitate between жако and Amazon, it is better to prefer the last. Amazona perfectly speak, but at the same time more tender, less sensitive, are better tamed and quicker adapt in a new situation.
 parrot of Amazon green
  • If you have an experience of keeping of similar birds, you can choose жако which is considered nearly the cleverest parrot and speaks better than other parrots. However жако requires a lot of attention, sometimes it is vindictive and if misses, can ache or pull out himself feathers.
 the parrot жако drinks from a mug
  • If you have not a lot of time which you can give to a bird, perhaps, once the korella chooses or a wavy popugaychik.
 scare a korell
They perfectly are tamed, legkoobuchayema also not bad talk, do not differ in sensitivity, do not miss alone and are playful. But sometimes make a lot of noise.
  • If communication with the pet is not so important, and at the same time you want to admire a beautiful bird, tkachik, amadina or nerazluchnik can become a great choice.
  • As for singing, here nobody will be compared to a canary. In addition, canaries are simple in maintenance and leaving.
 yellow canary singing
  • If you absolutely became puzzled, read literature, communicate to skilled owners. Surely get all more information of maintenance and care of the bird who was pleasant to you before making the final decision. It is better to refuse purchase, than to face unpleasant surprises.
  • Before going for a bird, prepare all necessary: a cage, a forage, means for leaving.
Whatever decision you made, remember that the bird also needs the loving and responsible owner, as well as any other pet.

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