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Long since various breeds of pigeons surprised with the devotion. These tiny and graceful birds were considered as messengers of good, a world symbol. Pigeon mail – one of ancient ways of communication at which delivery of letters was carried out by means of carrier pigeons. Since ancient times people used ability of pigeons always to return to a native nest.

What Rare Breeds of Pigeons Exist
Pigeons were considered as messengers of good, a world symbol What Rare Breeds of Pigeons Exist

Pigeon mail – one of ancient ways of communication at which delivery of letters was carried out by means of carrier pigeons

Classification of birds

A little later people began to remove various breeds of pigeons. At first they contained in quality of poultry, and over time – and as decorative. Exist the following species of pigeons:

  • wild;
  • meat;
  • flight;
  • decorative;
  • post.

Wild breeds are beautiful and various on external signs. The most widespread look – a blue rock pigeon. He received such name because of the color of plumage. But sometimes sizar happen brown color that very much distinguishes them from relatives. The brown pigeon is wild. Surprising property sizary – cooing. males wings by the size have more, than at females. This look not really large. They can easily be met in parks of the city, on the open spaces, in a forest zone. They fly flocks. Eat grain, seeds and crumbs of bread.

the Ring-dove – the birds living in a forest zone in the territory of Europe. They are much larger gray feathery, weight reaches 600 g, body length – to 40 cm. These birds all family hatch out in nests of baby birds. A ring-dove male – very careful father. Parents bring up the children a special forage – milk which is in a craw at mother and the father. Growing up, baby birds eat a vegetable forage – grains, seeds, nuts, acorns. Meat of these birds tasty is also very much appreciated therefore they are excellent production for hunters.

of the Kind of feathery (videos)

the Turtle-dove – one more kind of the pigeons belonging to wild types. It by the sizes small: weight up to 200 g, length of a body is up to 25 cm. Lives in forests and steppes of Ukraine, Moldova and in the south of the countries of Europe. There are 18 kinds of a turtle-dove. A color of these birds gray-beige with a pink outflow, on a back part of a neck black half rings. It is possible to distinguish a female from a male only on a voice, the male "talkative", makes the mass of sounds, and females are silent more.

Klintukh is a forest bird with bluish plumage and a malachite reflection on a neck, wings gray, on a tail a black strip. Lives клинтух in forests of Kazakhstan, China, Siberia. He takes the second place after a ring-dove on the weight and the size.

Meat breeds of pigeons possess tasty dietary meat. There are many their types, but they are divided into 3 groups:

  • chicken;
  • meat;
  • giant.

Chicken by the form remind hens, have big weight. Treat them: Florentine, Maltese, Hungarian species of a bird. The mass of these birds reaches 1 kg. Because of big weight, representatives of such breeds do not fly and move a little.

Gallery: species of pigeons (50 photos)

Meat pigeons – a koburgsky lark, the Moravian shtrasser, prakhensky conics. The mass of these breeds reaches 800 g the Koburgsky lark differs in the big weight and the impressive sizes. The wingspan reaches 80 cm that allows them to feel perfectly in air. Meat of these birds is considered elite.

Giant are representatives of pigeons giants. They have the big weight, a corpulent constitution therefore are not able to fly. Treat representatives a shtrasser, King, Carnot. Weight reaches 850 g. These birds are pugnacious and timid, but it is better to grow up them in the vygulny way – so body weight is gained more.

Flight breeds – the most numerous group of these birds.

What Rare Breeds of Pigeons Exist

  1. High-flight breed . They soar up into the sky, taking several detours. They can be in flight till 10 o'clock.
  2. Gonny pigeons. their Main difference in flight – somersaults through a wing.
  3. of Boynaya breed of pigeons. They fly up is low and somersault through a tail back. At the same time characteristic cottons, as are heard at a wing wave.
  4. Scooters. They are turned round its pivot-center, somersaulting through a wing.

Flight pigeons are owners of a graceful stata and a long wing. The color of feathers happens from gray till black or white color. Such in the people call "pigeon-kuvyrkun".

The German monk is very interesting: its ability is that he is able to allure to himself "adherents". This beautiful bird externally differs from relatives in a high forehead, a small beak and a cop on a nape in the form of a hood.

What Rare Breeds of Pigeons Exist

the Most popular representatives

Only kings were able to afford to part post breeds in the Middle Ages. This type of communication was the most reliable and fast in those days. In present time the mankind does not need services of pigeon mail, this breed is used for bird's sport now. Exists several species of carrier pigeons.

The Belgian carrier pigeon – the best representative in the breed, he perfectly is guided in space and quickly flies. At these birds a broad chest, a short tail and the round head.

Decorative pigeons – the breed, the most widespread among manufacturers. These birds differ in plumage, a color, appearance, weight and the sizes. Such thoroughbred pigeons as Jacobin, curly, peacock, brnensky дутыш and others treat them. Very effectively and really perfectly look color pigeons. Actually does not have such breed, just paint feathers of birds food paints. Flight of such pigeons is ordered generally for decoration of wedding ceremonies, graduation parties, anniversaries. Here also color pigeons appear in the sky. It is very beautiful, fantastic and unforgettable!

What Rare Breeds of Pigeons Exist

Peacock pigeon. the Name speaks for itself: the tail at these birds reminds the spread tail of a peacock. This is the most beautiful pigeon in the world. His head is thrown a little back back, the breast sticks out as if a mumpish ball. These rare pigeons important walk and, apparently, enjoy enthusiastic views of the people surrounding them.

These graceful birds at exhibitions take more often prizes.

In the most beautiful pigeons also the Jacobean is written down. On appearance looks very peculiar. The straightened pride bearing of birds gets married the cop on a neck reminding the put-on hood. The head is round, a beak small, legs short. The pigeon the Jacobean has a various color. Jacobin pigeons are very popular among manufacturers.

Dutysh has bright appearance. He inflates a craw to the big sizes, sometimes so that the beak is not even visible. Such breed is very whimsical and demands from the manufacturer many forces on their cultivation and contents.

Rare breeds of pigeons are the Kursk turmana, crowned pigeons, the Caucasian kosmonogy pigeon. These types carry to disappearing.

It is impossible to present the park without these graceful birds. They soar in the sky and bewitch. Soaring a pigeon and a pigeon (the friend without friend anywhere) – very touching show!

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