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Where there live pigeons, any person because pigeon are widespread everywhere, except Antarctica and polar regions of the Northern hemisphere will easily answer. However the area of dwelling has each appearance of this bird. Thanks to a large number of representatives, at scientists studying of this animal and his distribution to types is possible. The maximum variety of birds is concentrated in the Southern Asia and Australia.

Where There Live Pigeons and How Many Years Make Life Expectancies
Pigeon are widespread everywhere, except Antarctica and polar regions Northern полушария

Разнообразие types

Pigeon is a family of the birds who are a part of Golubeobraznykh group. In this family there are 41 sort and 300 bird species relating to pigeons and turtle-doves.

Pigeons prefer to live in a forest zone. Especially it is a lot of them in damp equatorial forests. There is still a bird living in conditions of dry steppes, mountains, semi-deserts and even deserts. This is a steppe pigeon who actually a pigeon is not, though has with him some morphological similarity. This name is understood as a bird рябок, entering into the family of the same name.

The similarity with pigeon at a ryabk is shown in the general shape, food addictions and many elements of behavior. It eats the same, than and the majority of pigeons of the world: grains, fruits and there are a little arthropods. However рябок it is perfectly adapted for life in arid conditions what you will not tell about true pigeons.

Where There Live Pigeons and How Many Years Make Life Expectancies
Pigeons prefer to live in a forest zone

In Russia it is possible to meet 11 types pigeon, 9 of which nest here. K constantly living in the territory of the country belong:

  • клинтух;
  • ring-dove;
  • blue rock pigeon;
  • rocky pigeon;
  • Japanese green pigeon;
  • ordinary turtle-dove;
  • small turtle-dove;
  • big turtle-dove;
  • annulate turtle-dove.

Sometimes to Russia the brown pigeon and a korotkokhvosty turtle-dove fly.

The blue rock pigeon filling the cities of all continents became a cosmopolitan thanks to the person who, being settled, transported with himself and these birds. The look which can live as in the conditions of the wild nature was as a result created, preferring rocks and steep coast, and near the person, being almost a pet.

the Habitat in the city

the City pigeon lives, it seems, at all on a look. For days on end packs are fed practically from hands of the person on squares, in squares and parks. However with darkness these birds as though are dissolved in space. From the pack dawn rise into the sky again, doing flight of the space. And it is unclear where pigeons and other birds spend the night

In the big city usually there are a lot of birds. However not all people constantly notices. The cities are filled by sparrows, swallows, martins, titmouses and even nightingales. If the city old, it has buildings with difficult architecture. All these towers, spikes and other architectural delicacy allow to live in the cities even to small predatory day and night birds.

Where There Live Pigeons and How Many Years Make Life Expectancies

Where there live birds in the city, depends on the buildings which are available in it. For the birds who adapted to life near people, as shelters can serve:

  1. Attics of houses. Exactly here in secluded corners there nest and live sparrows, swallows and even martins. Besides, under a good roof there can live also bats. At themselves near by people hardly know about their existence, and meanwhile after martins and swallows on catching of insects city bats take off.
  2. Various roughnesses and niches in houses. Under balconies, stucco mouldings, external window sills of windows, in niches from the dropped-out bricks can hide from bad weather, settle for the night and nest all city birds differing in the world of birds in special ingenuity.
  3. Trees. Old, sprawling and often hollow city trees give shelters to sparrows, nightingales, titmouses, jays, crows, soroka.
  4. Parks, squares, avenues and other subjects to city gardening. many hide small Here, including songbirds. Here it is possible to meet woodpeckers, crows and, of course, sparrows.
  5. Various structures of economic appointment. They differ in a variety of designs that attracts a great number of birds here.

Where pigeons sleep, to find also easily. Despite city life, these birds are faithful to the natural roots. Rocks and steep coast replaced with it human buildings. Sizaryam uncomfortably on trees, but they well feel on roofs, attics, ledges. Exactly there these birds – such fussy and noisy on the day street, but such silent and silent on night roofs disappear. People do not guess the mysteries of night life of pigeons because it consists in full silence of pigeon spending the night.

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Life expectancy of birds

How many years there live birds in the nature, depends on their type and conditions of accommodation. Of course, nobody lives in the wild nature till an extreme old age. It is possible only in the conditions of security which is called bondage.

For example, the old age of canaries comes in 15 years. In the world of birds eagles, crows, parrots are considered as long-livers. The record for an eagle who lived in bondage up to 100-year age is known. Similar cases were described for ravens. However the record of longevity belongs, of course, to parrots. These talkative birds live in favorable conditions longer than people, devolving from one owner to another.

Life expectancy of birds is regulated, of course, by hereditary information.

Where There Live Pigeons and How Many Years Make Life Expectancies

To define how many there live birds of a concrete look in the nature, it is possible on duration of juvenile age. If they lived to polovozrely age more than 1 year, then it is a sure sign of potential longevity.

How many there live birds if to estimate their age in average sizes, to define rather difficult as in this case there will be a wide spacing of indicators. For example, cheerful and cheeful sparrows in the conditions of a street way of life on average live 20 years.

Life expectancy of parrots depends on their size. And it is clear – to grow up a large body, a lot of time is necessary. The number of the years which are released to wavy popugaychik is measured for 12-15 years while the macaw on average lives up to 45 years.

Where There Live Pigeons and How Many Years Make Life Expectancies

Term of accommodation of pigeon representatives

How many years there live pigeons, rather precisely it is possible to define only for poultry. Life expectancy of the pigeon who is under the care of the person can reach up to 20 years. However cases when the pigeon lived 30 years were fixed.

If to speak about wild pigeons, then their middle age can reach 15-20 years. In the nature the main limiting factor is the food chain. It significantly limits life expectancy. So the majority of pigeons if reach an adult state, then there live no more than 5 years.

How many there live pigeons in the cities, depends on accommodation conditions. Predators are not enough, and kindness of people eliminates dependence on a condition of a natural food supply. Cats, rare birds of prey and, maybe, still people can hunt city pigeons. However it is impossible to call such press big.

In places where pigeons are fed daily and plentifully, it is possible to add to their average life expectancy by 1 year or maybe more. Despite existence of a forage, sometimes in large numbers, city pigeons completely depend on people. At some point the number of these birds on unit of the kormny place begins to exceed maximum permissible sizes.

Interesting facts


All birds living near the person differ in mind and flexibility of behavior. Pigeons remember the supporters, follow them, fly all pack in shops. They can even knock on windows. It is also a sure sign of the fact that population already exceeded all limits of number. Means it and the beginning of hunger. The aggression of behavior of city pigeons is a sure sign of the fact that food is not enough for all.

In such situation pigeons begin to die of hunger and numerous parasites who always breed in too dense populations. First of all young individuals and the weakening old men perish from diseases and hunger. All this promotes reduction of number of the lived years falling on conventional unit.

Thus, pigeons live in the most different environments and conditions. Wild pigeons prefer to live in the forest or in mountains, occasionally – in the steppe. City pigeons survive on the difficult urban environment and care of the person.

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