• Sep 19, 2019
If you decided by
on a species of a parrot, it is a high time to think of that, can be bought a healthy parrot where exactly . Options a little, let's consider all pluses and minuses of everyone.
  1. Pet-shop. As a rule, fans and those who are engaged in cultivation of parrots in big scales give to pet-shops of parrots. Also birds can be carried from abroad wholesale. From pluses, perhaps, only the fact that you can see a bird with own eyes. Perhaps, the bird will be healthy. Often happens that parrots are infected. The veterinarians specializing on birds are, not enough, and references can give out only after usual visual inspection. If references also are, they from any diseases do not protect and do not give a guarantee. Sellers sometimes do not possess information neither on the field, nor on age of parrots. The price is usually higher, than somewhere else. Cages properly are not processed that can become the reason of infection of the following party of birds. You will not be able to learn also about parents of a bird.
  2. Market. Only a huge variety — a color, age, a look can be plus. Usually it is the imported birds wholesaled. In Belarus most often it is smuggling. I.e. you have to understand how carry these parrots (in narrow capacities, sometimes hocus something, etc.). Besides, the question of insanitary conditions is even more expressed. By diseases the same, as with pet-shops, and even is worse. I will tell from the experience that the bird from the market at me perished within several years. I think that the immunity after all these moving and stresses is very low initially plus it is unknown in what conditions parents of birds, etc. nested. The price is slightly cheaper, than in pet-shops.
  3. Manufacturers, fans. Here, perhaps, there are more pluses, than minuses. Let's begin with the last. It is inexperience in cultivation. That is the person who is engaged in cultivation is insufficiently skilled in this question, is not grounded in the literary plan therefore can make mistakes which affect then posterity. It both rickets, and injuries, and death of baby birds. But all this can usually be defined visually upon purchase. From pluses — you can see parents of birds, conditions of keeping, a forage, cultivation conditions, etc. Believe, all this is important as will affect health of your pet. If the manufacturer or the fan conscientious, he shows everything to you, will tell, will conceal nothing, for him it is also important to find the correct hands for a well-cared and cherished baby bird. Usually the price of birds average (about market), but below, than in pet-shops. Also, if something happens, most often you will be able to ask such person a question or behind consultation.
that the parrot receives fifty percent of health from parents, and other fifty is your merit. The healthy nutrition, leaving and your observation for the pet will help to live to it long life.
B each example given by me can be exceptions. The main thing that upon purchase of a parrot you were attentive. You do not hurry with the choice, observe birds. Choose an active bird with shining eyes. Allocations from nostrils, eyes, ears should not be. The foul place also has to be clean, without the feathers which are stuck together by a dung. The bird should not be thin or thick. The keel bone has to be probed, but not strongly be allocated.
the Bird should not be absolutely young baby bird who left a nest as often such baby birds still do not eat and can die from hunger if not to finish feeding them manually.

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