• Sep 19, 2019

It is useful to know, than it is impossible to feed a parrot at all.
 What cannot feed a parrot
  1. Salt – poison for a parrot. It can lead to a lethal outcome therefore do not add it to a forage of a parrot at all.
  2. Bread. It contains yeast and salt which do not do well to a parrot. If the feathery pet often regales on bread, it can become the reason of inflammation of a craw. However pounded white crackers can be added to mix of carrots and boiled eggs.
  3. Milk causes disorder of digestion as parrots have no enzymes processing the lactose which is contained in milk. Therefore too it is impossible to feed with the bread soaked in milk a parrot.
  4. Chocolate. It contains theobromine – strong toxin for birds. Do not give it at all I will scare!
  5. Leftovers from your table (soups, boiled, fried, flour, sweet, etc.). They become not only the reason of obesity, but also break a metabolism, and subsequently lead to diseases and premature death of a bird.

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