• Sep 19, 2019
Feeding жако, as well as other parrots has to be full and various.
 What to feed жако

with What to feed жако?

a feeding Diet жако has to be as close as possible to natural. Zernosmes, fruit and vegetables have to be a part of a diet. And here it is worth treating nuts with care is rather greasy food. Also the diet has to be rich vitamin миниральными with additives.

Surely you feed жако with grain mixes. Grain mixes have to be a premium class, in vacuum packing. Thus, the risk of an obsemeneniye of a forage pathological microflora decreases.
the Beak at жако grows throughout all life, and the bird needs to grind off it, for this purpose the branch forage well will approach: birch, linden, apple-tree. Besides, the branch forage is rich with necessary tannins. But any coniferous breeds — the oils emitted by these trees are deadly to birds.
Germinated grain — the forage rich with vitamin D. It жако especially willingly is eaten in the winter when the amount of vitamins B a diet decreases.
it is better for
to cut Fruit and vegetables pieces as жако eat inaccurately and drop a forage on a floor, and from a floor do not select any more. Practically all fruit and vegetables will be suitable for feeding жако. From forbidden it is possible to list beet, potato, avocado, onions, garlic.
жако also should diversifying Feeding with the porridges without salt and spices cooked on water (it is possible to cook to semi-readiness): will approach rice, buckwheat, millet and others.
do not forget to enter into a diet ready vitamins B the period fall — spring when the bird especially needs them.
Vitamins it is possible both to drip in a forage, and to add to a drinking bowl. It is in that case better to change water each 12 hours.

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