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Tupokhvosty parrots




body Length жако — 36 — 38 cm, weight — about 500 гр.

"is armed" with the black bent beak. The iris of eyes at baby birds dark, becomes whitish-sulfur later, and at adult birds (12 months are more senior) — yellow. Legs жако lead-colored. Rims around eyes, a bridle, a voskovitsa and nostrils жако are covered with skin. A tail of average length, the form which is cut off equal. In plumage two colors: ash-gray wings (edges are slightly lighter) and a purple-red tail.

of Difference between males and females are poorly expressed. But at the majority of females the skull is a little already, a shape of the head more roundish, and a beak not such bent.

of Many interests how many there lives a parrot жако. Life expectancy at these birds — up to 75 years.


lives in forests of the Central and Western Africa and periodically makes raids on neighboring fields where grain crops and also to savannas are grown up. But most often жако meets in mangrove thickets, on coast of the deep rivers. They, generally eat berries and fruits.

to these parrots practically nobody threatens
In the nature. Their main enemy — the person. Earlier on жако hunted for the sake of meat, and some tribes believed that purple feathers жако have magic force. Later жако began to catch for sale.

— very reserved and careful bird, is rather difficult to catch it. Therefore it was simpler to find a nest and to get baby birds. The network was pulled before a hollow and banged on a tree a cudgel. Baby birds took off, getting to the placed trap. In a hollow hunters did not climb because were sure that there – the present baked, and were afraid to burn.

Sometimes the foe жако call a palm signature stamp (he is a palm sea eagle). However it is unlikely this bird can catch a parrot. Most likely, the reason of "fights" which happened to be observed is in the competition for a forage (fruits of an olive palm tree).

of the Bird live in flocks, however during the marriage period are divided into couples.


Character and temperament

is not intended only for decoration of an interior. For these birds insufferably constantly to be in a cage.

requires a lot of attention, probably, more, than any other parrot. He is allocated with gentle disposition and feels severe need for communication, strongly becomes attached to the owner and if that long is absent, the feathery friend can begin to miss and even to die!

Even when you release
the pet from a cage, it should not be provided to itself(himself). You do not stint, get to a bird various toys that жако was what to be engaged at any time.
How to teach жако to speak

In the nature жако — very noisy bird, at it is the extensive repertoire of svist, cries and shouts. It is the magnificent simulator, the best of parrots. Therefore you with ease teach to tell it. The main thing — to find for occupations time.

However, long lessons will tire a bird. It is better to be engaged 5 minutes (no more) several times a day. Use only those expressions and words which are appropriate at present. Also encourage successful attempts to repeat delicacy.

Parrots жако can imitate "speech" of other pets, imitate your voice and participate quite consciously in the general conversation, squeezing not only words, but also phrases.

Zhako not only talented pupils, but also great teachers. And the adult speaking bird can train the new pet.

How to tame жако

If you want
that the parrot was tame, it is better if he is the only bird in the house. Also you remember that it is possible to tame only a young parrot. Adult birds are very timid and extremely subject to stresses which can become the reason not only diseases, but also death of the pet.

Maintenance and leaving

the Cage for a parrot жако has to be spacious and high. The parrot has to have an opportunity to spread there wings. "House" has to be strong — these birds will not miss an opportunity to unscrew, break or bend everything that is possible.

One party of a cage has to get used to a wall — so the bird will feel more quietly. The top of a cage has to be located at the level of your eyes.

Even the most smart bolt — not a barrier to a freedom-loving zhako therefore it is better to lock a door.

When calculating distance between rods, be convinced that жако will not push between them the head.

In a cage has to be several poles.

do not forget
about a kupalka! Zhako adores water procedures. He is even ready to wash under a shower (if a stream not strong). But the bird needs to be accustomed to similar — gradually and accurately not to frighten.


the Diet жако has to be various. Include in it grain mixes (they are on sale in pet-shops) and germinated seeds, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Greens (leaves of a dandelion, garden radish, salad, etc.) are obligatory. Provide access to branches of fruit-trees. Specify at the veterinarian whether it is necessary to offer the pet mineral fertilizing.


Many ask
a question how to breed parrots жако in house conditions. However in bondage жако seldom breed. The main complexity is in selection of couple.

If partners attracted each other, you can become the witness of a marriage ritual which proceeds several days. In 2 — 3 weeks the female will lay 3 — 4 eggs (at an interval of couple of days). The laying sits for a long time month. When baby birds are a little more than 2 months old, they leave a nest. However parents some time continue by it to help. And before the next season of nesting the youth can remain on one "living space" with parents.

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