• Jan 14, 2020

Zheltogolovy Amazon (Amazona oratrix)







 Zheltogolovy amazona of a photo

On a photo: zheltogolovy Amazon. Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance of zheltogolovy Amazon

Zheltogolovy Amazon is a korotkokhvosty parrot with a length of body of 36 - 38 cm and with an average weight about 500 гр. Both males, and females of zheltogolovy Amazon are painted equally. Main color of a body grassy-green. On the head yellow "mask" to a nape. Some individuals have on all body of an impregnation of yellow feathers. On shoulders the red-orange spots passing into yellow. In the tail there are also reddish feathers. Okologlaznichny ring white, eyes orange, paws gray, beak pink-gray.
Is known 5 subspecies of zheltogolovy Amazon differing in elements of coloring and an area of dwelling.
At the correct leaving life expectancy of zheltogolovy Amazon – about 50 - 60 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of zheltogolovy Amazon

Zheltogolovy Amazon lives in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Belize. World wild population totals about 7000 individuals. The look suffers from loss of natural habitats and poaching. Live in deciduous and evergreen forests, edges, savannas, in dense dense forests, is more rare in mangrove and other coastal thickets. Sometimes visit agricultural grounds.
In a diet of zheltogolovy Amazon of a kidney, young leaves, palm fruits, seeds of acacias, a fig and other cultivated cultures.
Usually fowls are kept by couples or small packs, especially during a watering place and feeding.

 Zheltogolovy Amazon on a photo branch

On a photo: zheltogolovy Amazon. Photo: flickr.com

Reproduction of zheltogolovy Amazon

The nested season of zheltogolovy Amazon in the south falls on February-May, in the north lasts till June. The female postpones in a nest 2 – 4, usually 3 eggs. Nest in hollows of trees.

The female of zheltogolovy Amazon hatches a laying about 26 days.

Baby birds of zheltogolovy Amazon leave a nest at the age of 9 weeks. Some more months parents finish feeding young birds.

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