• Jan 14, 2020

Zheltoplechy Amazon (Amazona barbadensis)







 Zheltoplechy Amazon of a photo

On a photo: zheltoplechiya of Amazon. Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance of zheltoplechy Amazon

Zheltoplechy Amazon is a korotkokhvosty parrot with a length of body about 33 cm and weighing about 270 гр. Both the male, and a female of zheltoplechy Amazon are painted equally. Main color of a body green. Large feathers have dark bordering. On a forehead and around eyes a yellow spot, on a forehead whitish feathers. The throat at the basis is painted in yellow which then passes into blue. Hips and bend of a wing also yellow. Swing feathers in wings red, passing into blue. Beak of corporal color. Okologlaznichny ring naked and gray. Eyes красно-оранжевые.
Продолжительность lives of zheltoplechy Amazon at due leaving — about 50 — 60 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of zheltoplechy Amazon

Zheltoplechy Amazon lives in the small area Venezuela and the islands of Blankilla, Margarita and Bonaire. Meets on Curacao and the Netherlands Antilles.
the Look suffers from loss of natural habitats, poaching and hunting because of attacks on grain yields. Zheltoplechy Amazon prefers to
plains with thickets of cactuses, a sloe, around mangrove thickets. And also near agricultural grounds. Usually heights to 450 meters above sea level, but, perhaps keep, can rise above.
Eat zheltoplechy amazona various seeds, fruits, berries, flowers, nectar, fruits of cactuses. Among other things visit plantations of mango, avocado and corn.
Usually zheltoplechy amazona keep in couples, little family groups, but sometimes get off in packs up to 100 individuals.

 Zheltoplechy amazona of a photo

On a photo: zheltoplechy amazona. Photo: wikimedia.org

Reproduction of zheltoplechy amazon

Zheltoplechy amazona nest in hollows and cavities of trees or in rocky emptiness.

The nested season falls on March — September, sometimes October. In a laying of zheltoplechy Amazon usually 2 — 3 eggs which are hatched by a female within 26 days.

Baby birds of zheltoplechy Amazon leave a nest at the age of about 9 weeks, but still long time can keep near parents.

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