• Dec 8, 2018

the youngest cat breed without wool the sphinx браш is considered. Unique pets were brought quite recently, but they already managed to become popular and to gain trust and hearts of people. Except unusual appearance, cats are famous for very kind character, devotion to the owner and friendliness.

Cats Sphinx Brash

Variety of breed

Under the influence of a mutation of genetic set of cats the look — the Don sphinx браш was received. Over the years cats were crossed to individuals of different breeds that resulted in a variety of sphinxes. Them there were more than 15 types. If kittens are born with wool, then with age it imperceptibly disappears.

Cats a Sphinx Brashkak to Look After

Experts mark out 3 results of crossing:

  1. Cubs are born without eyebrows and moustaches.
  2. The posterity is born with smooth and thin skin. On a tail and a neck it is possible to notice folds.
  3. Kittens have the rare wool reminding to the touch velors material. On achievement of 2-month age hairs begin to drop out, and skin becomes naked. This process can last up to two years. Such species of sphinxes differs in the eyes and powerful cheekbones which are widely put from each other.

Description of appearance

Little kittens from the birth not strongly differ from adult sphinxes браш. According to features of a cover of parents, they can have almost bald, thin, thinned skin.

Characteristics of the Don breed:

Cats Sphinx Brash Price

Cats Brash to Buy a Sphinx in Moscow

  • Direct graceful back.
  • Brawny trunk of the average size.
  • Thin paws with well developed muscles.
  • The long rounded-off fingers.
  • Round and direct tail.
  • Frontal bones strongly act.
  • Big cheekbones.
  • Head of a wedge-shaped form.
  • The developed chin.
  • Straight nose.
  • A flat forehead with vertical folds.
  • Pronounced small pillows вибрисс.
  • Eyes of an oval or almond form, small size. Color of an iris can be various.
  • Ears are big, roundish, are inclined forward and located highly.
  • The color can be any — from black to spotty.
  • Growth of an individual can reach 30 cm, and weight — 3.5−7 kg.

Sphinxes have no tendency to any special diseases. Their immunity is capable to cope with any disease. Most often cats suffer from depriving also of helminths. Therefore it is recommended to hold preventive events regularly.

Character of an animal

Since the childhood sphinxes браш friendly and vigorous. They quickly get used to changes in the environment surrounding them. Differ in strong nervous system. Easily give in to training, at once understand what can be done and what it is worth being afraid of.

The nature of breed will suit any person. Cats friendly, try to spend more time near the owner. At the same time the Don sphinx has the shortcomings.

Features of nonhairy cats:

Cats Sphinx Brash Ashy

Cats Sphinx Brash Kittens

  • Laziness. This the devil is feature of breed. Despite it, after a dream they with pleasure will play active games.
  • Lack of aggression. Individuals are famous for kindness. They quickly become attached to the person. It does not deprive of cats of self-sufficiency and independence.
  • Fast learning ability. They can be accustomed to a toilet and a kogtetochka easily. It is very simple to train sphinxes.
  • Importunity. If the animal lacks love and care, it can not give to pass to the owner.
  • Tender. Like to embrace people paws and to kiss.
  • Need for toys. It is very important for the Don sphinx.
  • Lack of jealousy. Well gets on with other animals and children.
  • Sensitivity. Lets know to the person that he took offense, a sad look, but not spoiled furniture or revenge.

Sphinx браш (25 photos)

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of the Rule of leaving

Donskoy a sphinx браш needs the special relation. It is necessary to take its leaving seriously. The integument of the pet needs to be wiped daily . It is the most important procedure. All because bald cats strongly sweat and are quickly soiled.

Cats Sphinx Brash Food

Water procedures need to be carried out every day. It is very important for health of a sphinx. Veterinarians advise to use specialized cats shampoos for washing. After completion of bathing of the pet wrap up in a towel and properly wipe.

Dirt in ears collects very quickly therefore they need to be cleaned in process of pollution. Experts recommend to carry out this procedure of times a week. Animals do not feel any discomfort because of dirty auricles.

Also Don sphinx adores acquiring a tan. It is important to be very attentive when the pet basks in the sun. Skin of cats very thin and gentle, at long stay under ultraviolet rays can burn down, at the same time to an animal it will be sore.

Cats Sphinx Brash Versions

Purchase of kittens

If desired to get the new nonhairy friend it is recommended to address professional manufacturers. You should not buy a small sphinx браш in the animal market. It is possible to come across the sick and weakened animal.

Buying a kitten, needs to pay attention to the following things:

Cats Sphinx Brash Features

  • Whether everything vaccination is done.
  • Whether the animal has documents.
  • Whether the kitten is able to go to a tray.
  • A possibility of signing of the contract with the seller.
  • Whether there corresponds the appearance of a cat to standard characteristics of breed.
  • Respect for sanitary standards in the habitat of an animal.

Breed the sphinx браш is rather expensive. The price for one kitten — 10−20 thousand rubles. Such cost is exposed by the manufacturers having the license. It is possible to buy from nonprofessionals a kitten and for 5 thousand rubles, but they can be unblooded.

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