• Nov 6, 2019

Passed more than 10 thousand years since cats began to live among people and received the status of pets. During this time many breeds were removed. Some of them are popular and familiar to the majority, and some – are absolutely unknown. Let's get acquainted with such breeds about which very few people know.

Bengalese cat

Four Cat Breeds about Which Very Few People Know

In 1961 American Jean Mil, having appeared in Bangkok with a working visit, got in the market of a kitten of a wild Bengalese cat and Malaysia called it. This look was on the verge of extinction and was on sale as souvenirs. The kitty was wild and careful, but in the period of a techka condescended before courtings of a black domestic cat. The spotty kitten Kean-Kean became a fruit of their love. The girl decided to conduct works on removal of breed with appearance of an exotic predator and temper house murlyk. In 1983 was the first bengal is registered though the Association of Fans of Cats long time did not recognize new breed. Jane's pets participated in exhibitions and admired experts with the contrast drawing on brilliant wool and natural elegance. In 1991 Jean presented to the world a sociable kitty in a wild fur coat. Bengals are graceful, safe for children, kontaktna also are friendly, have the developed hunting instinct, sharp mind and playful temper, like to bathe and climb up the owner's shoulders.


Four Cat Breeds about Which Very Few People Know

In 1994 in California Karen Sauzman presented to the world of one their largest domestic cats – serenget, called in honor of national park in Tanzania where servala live. New breed – result of stage-by-stage crossing Bengalese, oriental, Abyssinian and the European cats. The breed is recognized as experimental, does not participate in exhibitions. Around the world there are several hundreds of a serengeta. Cats have pronounced similarity to servala and are owners of the longest paws among house relatives. Representatives of a serengeta persistent, courageous and inquisitive, love active games, adore getting on cases, tender, are persistent in communication, do not love loneliness. At cats the hunting instinct is perfectly developed. Serengeti is loved by walks and are able to make the mass of different sounds.


Four Cat Breeds about Which Very Few People Know

Kanaani (Canaanite, Canaan) – the first national cat breed, the brought Doris Pollachek in Jerusalem (Israel), in 2000 on the basis of a native wild steppe cat. The breed gained official recognition in 2009. In America, Germany and Israel kanaan enjoy the greatest popularity. Animals are tender, friendly, brave and hyperactive, love children and attention of the owner. They need a lot of space, they adore walks. It is recommended to walk them on a breast-band. Kanaani are capable to jump of big height, they possess a well-muscled body with athletic forms and brawny hinder legs. It is extremely rare cat breed.

of Ussuri

Four Cat Breeds about Which Very Few People Know

Ussuri (the Ussuriysk cat) – one of the most rare and unusually beautiful breeds in the world. It is a hybrid of a domestic Persian cat and Amur forest cat. For the first time the breed was presented by Mironova Olga in 1993, but recognition of Ussuri was gained only in Russia. Ussuri are more similar to the tamed wild cats, but their character quite quiet. They are self-sufficient, proud, are not tender, love freedom. Besides they are great hunters, do not get on with other pets, do not love children. At discomfort aggression will not begin to be shown, and will be removed in a secluded corner. The color of representatives of extraordinary Russian breed is similar to a color of the Amur tigers.

We sorted the most rare breeds of domestic cats. Undoubtedly, acquisition of such partner pleasure expensive. But persons interested to become owners of the fluffy pet of exotic breed from it do not become less.

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