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In Russia did not get used to cats without tails yet and consider them "strange". Partly it so. Lack of a tail at a cat – a genetic mutation. However, worldwide it is possible to find many territories in which cats with the shortened tails, and fans of these interesting and special pets live.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

the Most famous representative – the Bobtail

"Bobtail" in translation from English – "a scanty tail". The general name of breed unites several different types of cats from all over the world. At each subspecies own habits, character and the structure of a body.

American bobtail

The cat of Yodi who lived in the Southern American reservation of Indians became the father of this breed. In 1970 was to adopt the standard of this breed, and the American bobtail found the global recognition only by the beginning of the 90th years. These cats are very similar to a lynx, at the same time can be the most various color. On tips of ears elegant brushes, a dense constitution, slightly extended body and massive paws.

Differ in playful character, can be affectionate. The clever and easily trained animals. Are freedom-loving. Need additional care of long and dense wool. There can be problems at reproduction.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

Japanese bobtail

This cat breed is known in Japan any one hundred years. As well as under what circumstances the breed was created – it is unknown. In the homeland these cats bear a proud name of Mi-ke.

Breed of the average size. A tail 5-7 cm long of the special building at each individual. The unusual triangular head with a narrow section of eyes and a long nose. Average length of wool without underfur. Three-colored color: black-red-white.

Are characterized as clever and friendly cats. Like to float. Are suitable for contents in the apartment. Easily study.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails10 cat breeds which have very short tails

Kuril bobtail

Rather young cat breed removed in Russia. For the first time at an exhibition it is presented in the eighties the 20th centuries.

Length of a tail is no more than 15 cm. The structure of a tail at each individual unique. Animals large, a strong constitution with powerful paws (lobbies are shorter than back).

The character of these cats is often compared to dog. Freedom-loving, but very devoted animals. The territory is not marked, do not smell of a cat. Like to fish and hunt. Up to the end are not cultivated.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

Karelian bobtail

The breed was created as a result of natural mutations. An area of native cats – the coast of Lake Ladoga. In selection at felinologists since 1992.

Length of a tail is 4-12 cm. The most various colors meet. A cat of the average size, a strong constitution with perfectly developed muscles. Front legs are much shorter than back. Wool can be both long, and short.

The Karelian bobtails strongly become attached to the owner. Very tender and benevolent. Are unpretentious in leaving. Seldom are ill.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

Mekong bobtail (royal bobtail)

Was born as a "collateral" product of breeding cultivation of Siamese cats. The Russian manufacturer, having received several korotkokhvosty kittens, continued work. As a result – new breed of bobtails.

Distinctive feature – a Siamese color. The structure of a tail at each individual is unique. Short dense body. Hinder legs are longer than lobbies. Wedge-shaped shape of the head. Short wool with an underfur. Color of eyes blue.

Are described by manufacturers as clever and sociable cats. Live not seldom up to 20 years. Behind wool additional leaving is required.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

of That bean

The primogenitor Ta of beans consider the Russian cat by nickname Scanty, been born with a mutation in Rostov-on-Don in 1988. The breed was registered as experimental by the American manufacturers in 2009. The second name – the Scythian - that is Don.

A tiny cat of a strong constitution with well developed muscles. Length of a tail is 3-7 cm. Dense wool. Both short-haired, and semi-long-haired animals meet.

These cats differ in dog manners. Easily studies teams. Are trustful and fearless. Males of this look do not mark the territory, have no characteristic smell.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

of Piksi bean

"Piks the bean" is translated from English as "The elf with a short tail". The breed is received by long and laborious selection of the American manufacturers. It is registered in 1995.

Are very similar to a lynx. Special line – a mnogopalost (polidaktilny paws). Body of the animal average size. Cats are larger than cats twice (samochka of 3-5 kg, males of 5-10 kg).

In a dung these cats have not enough kittens (at most 3). Are characterized by manufacturers as unostentatious in communication with the owner and alerted with strangers. Extremely seldom release claws. Are not aggressive. Are unpretentious in leaving.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails


It is registered on the Isle of Man. As the separate breed is recognized in 1976.

Animals of the average size. Long-haired with a dense underfur. Strong well-muscled body. Tail of 1 in size vertebra.

Kimriki are balanced and loveful. Do not stand loneliness. Are active and curious. Perfectly get on with other animals. Demand daily care of wool.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

Manx cat

The first individuals got to the Isle of Man with Finnish or with the Spanish seamen.

The tail completely is absent. Short wool with an underfur. The large constitution, forepaws is shorter than back.

Tender, inquisitive and incredibly sociable cats. Quickly find a common language with children and dogs. Are persuasive. Are inclined to various diseases.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails


Artificially removed breed. It is registered in 2004.

Feature Haylenderov – a little bent ears. Are similar to a lynx. Both short-haired, and long-haired individuals meet. Strong, large, well-muscled body, big eyes.

These cats adore being the focus of attention. Vigorous, playful. Easily get on with other animals. Because of excessive activity are not suitable for contents in the apartment. Often are ill.

10 cat breeds which have very short tails

Korotkokhvosty cats do not fit into our idea of cats in general. The lack of a tail is compensated by special traits of character which ordinary, often arrogant cats simply do not have. Benevolent, sociable, sociable. Often they combine character and affection for the person, as at a dog. And the sharp mind makes them by wonderful friends for adults and children.

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