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of the Cat are some of the most popular pets who were fallen in love by much for the kindness, beauty and mind. They attract owners also due to the appearance and a magnetic, speaking glance. If you want a cat with big eyes, then first of all, you need to understand breeds and to understand what pet is necessary to you on character and temperament.

of Singapore

10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

Singapore – rare breed of big-eyed cats which originates in Asia. Usually at cats a soft-brown or cream color of a hair with characteristic marks. Externally the muzzle of a singapura is similar to lion's.

Eyes at a cat of an almond-shaped form, the iris of the eye varies from an amber shade to tone of transparent greens.


10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

The Abyssinian breed originates from the wild African breeds possessing a sand color and mild temper. Today it is possible to find individuals of the lilac, chocolate or silver shade received as a result of selection.

The Abissiansky cat possesses the eyes of an almond-shaped section painted in bright green color. The pet does not demand especially leaving, the only thing about what it is necessary to take care – of inoculations as the cat badly carries diseases.


10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

British won love of many breeders of cats for the plush look, however temper at a cat not such quiet as it would be desirable. The true Englishman who strikes with the coolness and restraint possesses a short hair and large eyes of bright copper color.

Character at the British cat difficult – she is a hostess in the house and does not tolerate excessive caress therefore it is worth approaching it with a certain caution.


10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

Unique breed Redgoll has the American origin. At cats a large trunk, a fluffy, soft hair and impressive temper. In translation from English the name is translated as "a rag doll": the pet will never attack, he got used to caress, is very attached to owners and likes to play with children.

Short-haired kittens have a different shade of eyes: amber, blue, mint or bright green. As well as color of eyes, various can be also a shade of a hair of a kitten.

Scottish lop-eared

10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

The Scottish lop-eared – noble breed which precisely will be pleasant to you at first sight. Tiny ears and big round eyes which are excreted against the background of all person are considered as the most charming lines and bewitch the bottomless look.

Bright feature of breed: color scale of an iris of the eye of eyes depends on a hair shade of a kitten. For example, harlequins will please you with eyes of beautiful tea color, and black lop-eared – orange shades.

Scots have an independent character, however they are very attached to the owner. If to render to the pet due leaving, he will thank you the caress, kindness and affability. It is necessary to distinguish two main from shortcomings: features of food and cultivation.

  1. Balance a diet and avoid harmful products. Scots are inclined to food and as result of improper feeding – to obesity;
  2. Do not cross two lop-eared Scots: it can lead to a mutation (a syndrome of a rigid tail, problems with joints).

Externally otsikt it is similar more to a wild cat, than to the typical representative of cat's. Otsiket represents mix of three breeds at once thanks to what cats have beautiful wool with pronounced to spots: in total 12 colors are recognized. At cats a strong body and a neck, a powerful chin, slanting ears and almond-shaped eyes which shades vary from yellow to green (blue it is considered an aberration).

Among advantages – longevity: the pet is capable to live to 19 years at due leaving.

10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes


10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

The Persian cats occupy a superiority pedestal among the most popular big-eyed breeds long ago. For a set of years their appearance suffered a set of selective changes, however one sign remained invariable – wool long, dense, fluffy and very soft to the touch.

Now the breed can be determined by already created characteristic external signs: a flat muzzle with a nose small button and big round eyes with an unwinking attentive gaze.

As for character, the Persian cats are quiet and counterbalanced, on the nature they are phlegmatic persons therefore will not bring trouble upon the owners. The only thing that is demanded Persida – permanent care: long wool needs to be combed daily, besides you should not forget about special shampoos which will help to support health of wool.

Japanese bobtail

10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

The Japanese bobtail – one of the cleverest breeds. Cats tender, playful and friendly, got used to communication and easily get on with other pets. The distinctive feature of breed – the short tail, similar, it is rather on a small pompon. There are both long-haired, and short-haired representatives of a bobtail.

Eyes at a cat oval, deepset. The shade of an iris of the eye varies from copper to pale yellow.

Ukrainian Levkoy

10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

An Ukrainian Levkoy – the breed removed by the Kiev selectors. Cats of this breed are full of grace and in the majority of the features remind primogenitors with the same drooped ears and the absent hair.

As for the name of a look, it is not and not less prosy here. At cats a skulisty muzzle with beautiful moustaches curls and the hung ears which at the expense of the dangling tips remind flowers gillyflowers.

At Ukrainian a gillyflower a look sad and thoughtful, but despite it, at cats gentle disposition: quickly become attached to owners and are ready to give them love and tenderness.

Burmansky cat

10 cat breeds with the biggest and beautiful eyes

The Burmansky cat gained popularity due to the naughty, and at the same time attached character. The cat gets on with other animals and does not depart from the owner. At burmansky breed a graceful constitution and a compact body of the average size.

Wool silky, nice on the touch and besides, not demanding special leaving. Eyes are round, a dark yellow or golden outflow.

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