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increased requirements in mind To cats – if only went to a tray and on a table did not climb behind food. Nevertheless, even occur among them an animal which nonsense is obvious. We submit the list in which 10 silliest cat breeds.

American short-haired

10 silliest cat breeds

This effective creation with a square muzzle, expressive eyes, a well-muscled body and dense, silky wool. Kurtskhaara fine myshelova, brought them to America by the ships where they helped seamen, thinning out a livestock of rodents.

Because of a strong hunting instinct курцхаар will turn your house into the grounds, will study it up and down, having reached if it is necessary, a ceiling. Also it is proud will ignore your persistent attempts to stop it.

Can damage claws furniture, adore dumping objects, ignoring attempts of owners to disaccustom them.

American curl

10 silliest cat breeds

At cats of this breed the ears turned inside out, big eyes, the roundish head and a massive chin, the extended body and a tail. Devoted, tender, on character are similar to dogs. Remember the name and react to it. Adore playing, always in good mood.

They have an excessive need for communication and intolerance of loneliness, vulnerable mentality. At kerl the empathy is reduced: they do not wish to understand mood of the owner and will stick to it even if that clearly will let know that it is advisable to leave him alone. For it they are considered sometimes silly.


10 silliest cat breeds

Long-eared, with the big eyes twisted by moustaches and the curling short hair. Adore owners, suffer from loneliness. Mobile and active creations, like to play, jump, get on high objects.

The word "is impossible" — not for it. Owners should get used that the pet is the inquisitive, crafty, unruly being capable to shift a cover from a pan, to pull down food from a plate, to appear in the unexpected place and to endanger themselves.

Quite often happens that the cat of this breed is badly accustomed to a tray.

Kuril bobtail

10 silliest cat breeds

Kuril bobtails so need the human company that follow it close, accompanying in a toilet, the bathroom, strive to settle in a master's bed. Such affection sometimes strongly weighs and irritates.

Bobtails are born hunters who got used to rely on the sharpness better know that it is necessary to them. Therefore they are extremely capricious.

Are curious so that need constant control as they can get into a bag, take seat on a hot plate, jump out of a window and so on. They have brawny hind legs so bobtails jump very high and far.

Still it is breed which continuously and loudly expresses the opinion on the events. Can show aggression if, for example, is frightened of strangers.


10 silliest cat breeds

Charming and quiet cats with a flat muzzle and dense wool. Persians are moderately playful, closed, silent, slow, clumsy therefore some people consider them "rather stupid" and "furniture".

The dispassionateness and contemplation, unwillingness to fall to transitory reality is characteristic of this breed. They, it seems, are near, and it seems and is not present: just coexist in one space with people and other animals.

For it and also for unwillingness to sit on hands, some consider the Persian cat silly.


10 silliest cat breeds

Large, heavy breed with total absence of aggression. Behave so stately as though the surrounding reality does not interest them, sometimes it seems that to them on everything to spit. Actually it is the friendly, emotional, needing caress and suffering from loneliness creations.

And at the same time lazy, inactive, clumsy, like to have a sleep, ignore teams. Because of low aggression and inability to stand for itself representatives of this breed will not be able to survive on the street.

Helplessness of ragdolls in a critical situation and almost painful dependence on owners make an impression of insufficiently developed mind.

Selkirk Rex

10 silliest cat breeds

Pukhloshcheky robust fellows with a curly short hair. Friendly and affectionate, badly transfer loneliness, need your constant presence. Playful, naughty, irrepressible, till an old age behave as kittens. Therefore behind them continued supervision is necessary.

Kind and trustful, nonaggressive therefore cannot stand for themselves. Because badly transfer loneliness and excessively trustful, selkirok sometimes call silly.

Scottish lop-eared

10 silliest cat breeds

These cats — pukhloshcheky, strong put, with the bent ears and characteristic lovely expression of huge eyes. As a rule, hardly get on with representatives of other breeds, quite often give up them fights because born fighters.

Quiet, with balanced mentality, friendly, but prefer to observe a distance. Always wishes to play, but at the same time categorically do not wish that they were taken on hands.

Many Scots love "Buddha's pose" – taking seat on a back and stacking paws on a stomach. This ridiculous habit causes thoughts of their laziness in some people.

Their calmness and slowness are sometimes perceived as sign of reduced intelligence.

Exotic short-haired

10 silliest cat breeds

The round muzzle, round eyes and a flat nose of these amusing creations do not make a genius impression.

On character remind Persians unless more alive and do not demand such care of wool.

It is breed partner – always willingly makes contact and likes to play, keep cheerfulness till an extreme old age. But do not like to sit on knees and hands of an ekzota.

Ekzota — mild creations, not curious and preferring to avoid unusual and unfamiliar places, circumstances and beings and therefore they are often considered silly and ridiculous. Actually they are rather shy.

Japanese bobtail

10 silliest cat breeds

Long-legged brawny cats with a tail pompon. Need communication and are betrayed to family. Love children because with them it is possible to play.

Independent, curious, restless and jumping. Temperament explosive, need constant physical activity and supervision, otherwise will do troubles. If they do not manage to splash out energy, then become angry and aggressive.

Stubborn and willful, nothing is done against the will. But to the last will work on achievement of the purpose necessary to them, ignoring arrangements and threats of the owner.

The obstinacy and obstinacy of representatives of this breed created to them glory not of really clever breed.

Any rating of intelligence of cats on is very conditional: those features of breed which one owner will consider sign of low intelligence of other owner quite will arrange and will not cause any claims.

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