• Nov 11, 2019

Who does not love pets, especially gentle and beautiful kitties. And a variety of breeds of these animals is so high that it is even difficult to present. In this article we bring to your attention characteristics of little-known cat's breeds.


5 little-known cat breeds with long, soft wool

The main difference of Balineses — long silky wool and a "operenny" tail.

A set of adjectives describe this breed: sociable, inquisitive, tender, exacting, true and clever. This is the Siamese dressed up in furs with distinguished shades. He is considered by natural breed, result of a spontaneous genetic mutation of wool in Siamese breed.

Balineses are very active and vociferous. You hold them indoors to protect from cars, diseases extended by other cats and attacks of other animals. Balineses feel mood of people and will be near to encourage the owner if to it it is sad or to share joy when he is happy. They sensitively react to intonation of a conversation, too strict tone is capable to upset them.


5 little-known cat breeds with long, soft wool

The best in nibelungs is their identity. Tender, lovely and loving, remain devoted to the owner all the life. Nibelungs are playful, tender and clever, they follow the favourite people from the room to the room to watch the events.

Sit down, and on your knees there will be a soft fluffy ball at once. This breed loves constancy, the pet will quickly study your habits and will not change them. Your cat will strongly be surprised when you change the schedule of work. Nibelungs a little and only on business talk, for example, the bowl became empty or the tray does not conform to the standard of purity.

Javanese cat

5 little-known cat breeds with long, soft wool

These beauties are a branch of Siamese family. They have silky wool of average length and the fine trimmed tail. The breed is a descendant of two hybrids created by crossing.

Most of Javanese, as a rule, enjoy communication with people and will not be happy if they do not pay them enough attention. The Javanese cats are playful, devoted and are always ready to tell you about the outlooks on life, love and what you gave them for dinner.

Javanese are fond of food, and though some of them burn excess calories in playful tricks, it is necessary to take care of that less active did not turn into balls. It is easy to train them so joint pastimes will give pleasure to all.

Somali cat

5 little-known cat breeds with long, soft wool

The naughty nature of Somalis is often compared to monkeys. Clever, curious, interesting and very active, this cat not for the person who has no sense of humour or desire to interact with very mobile cat capable to open doors and to squeeze into small spaces.

Somalis best of all feel with the person who spends much time at home. However, if you are far from the house during the day, then it is better to grit teeth at the thought of what chaos expects you at home.

Highland фолд

5 little-known cat breeds with long, soft wool

Lovely, charming breed with which it is easy to live and which it is easy to look after. This is a tender cat whom it is comfortable with all family members. She well eats and is not so active as other breeds therefore control of food is important. Highland needs active games to support itself in good condition. The cat very well gets on with children and in games never shows the teeth.

Regular care of fur of long-haired cats is obligatory. Because the more rare to comb out a cat, the more difficultly and longer will do it each time. Never force a cat to do what she does not want.

Life with cats is a lesson of patience! Accustom the pet to all necessary procedures since the early childhood, it will facilitate to live to both of you. Always enjoy time which you spend with the long-haired cat, and she will reward you the devotion and also, of course, healthy and beautiful silky wool.

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