• Nov 12, 2019

Native breeds are those in which removal the person practically did not take part. Their representatives appeared under natural conditions and on a certain area to which they perfectly adapted.

Kuril bobtail

5 native cat breeds from Russia

It is the most interesting cats, characterized first of all by a short tail pompon – you always recognize a Kuril bobtail by this sign. On character these cats are kind, tender, friendly and sociable. Having chosen the main person in family, they are devoted to the owner. Consider that this breed has features of dog character – devotion, "catch-bring" desire to please even if a game is meant.

Regarding appearance of these surprising animals, their wool varies from short, to long and fluffy. The color of this breed is various, cats and cats often have a magnificent collar. The Kuril bobtail does not surpass by the size ordinary cats, but has strong muscles.

The Kuril Islands from where she was brought to the continent at the end of the 20th century are considered as the homeland of this breed. The weight of these cats is from 3 to 9 kg, depending on age and leaving. Often Kuril bobtail lives to up to 15 years. At the correct care of the pet, the person divides with it to 17 years. This "a domestic lynx" needs the human company and caress, the lack of it can lead both to whims, and to stressful diseases of the pet.

Persian cat

5 native cat breeds from Russia

This intriguing breed which arose in the 16th century has long dense and warm wool which protects from wind and a frost. Distinctive and excellent feature of a Persian cat is the fluffy, volume tail and a magnificent collar. The color is various, as well as at a Kuril bobtail. Representatives of this breed average and big, cats on average grow to 30 cm, cats up to 40 cm – being much more largely and heavier than females, weight from 6 to 10 kg. Also draw attention to this breed of their eye – big, almost round, penetrating watching the environment.

The science considers the nature of these individuals stable, they are not subject to strong differences of mood and are not whimsical. The Siberian cats reach reproductive age earlier, than other breeds that is connected with proximity of breed to its natural wild state, wild animals often live a little, and to give posterity, continuing the look – it is necessary. The Siberian cats are excellent fathers. If the male has an opportunity to help with education, he will use it and will be near kittens together with a female. Often the cat and a cat bring up posterity and live together, without leaving.

The Siberian cats possesses very friendly and kind nature therefore experts advise to hold couple, with each other is to them more comfortably and more pleasantly.

Karelian bobtail

5 native cat breeds from Russia

This breed received the name because of the place near which it was found for the first time, it is they from the Karelian Isthmus. Initially was considered that the Karelian bobtail and Kuril – relatives, however found out later that these types have no genetic relationship, but It should be noted that their appearance is similar.

The standard of this breed is approved in 1990. Thoroughbred representatives are not enough today. The Karelian bobtail is short-haired and long-haired, gains up to 6 kg, and lives on average up to 10-15 years. Well transfer cold and a heat. As well as Kuril bobtails these cats are very clever, obedient and tender, but this breed appreciates own space more, prefers rest and privacy. Because of the balanced, patient character it is possible to leave them quietly with the child.

Also these cats easily get on with other animals, at favorable situations quietly get on even with dogs. If you hear as the Karelian bobtail something tries to attract attention, you will take his call for rumbling than for miaow rather.

Ural Rex

5 native cat breeds from Russia

The Ural Rex is the Russian native breed of curly cats. In December, 2012 it is recognized as the Russian MFA system.

The Ural Rex represents a cat of the average sizes with wavy wool which happens short and average length. Cats it is larger and heavier, than cats. Eyes at this breed of an almond-shaped form, they bright, are very widely open also a little slanting.

On character they tender, love shares the emotions, but also very balanced. Felinologists notice that the Ural Rex is capable to feel mood of people and to pay attention to it.

Unique feature – short wavy wool. Childbirth at cats takes place easily, they are wonderful mothers, often males prove careful fathers too. At this breed all colors, except chocolate and a tsinnamona are recognized. They perfectly developed hunting instincts. Because of feature of breed, care of this look is not difficult, it is necessary to comb only sometimes short curly-headed wool of the Ural Rex.

Russian blue

5 native cat breeds from Russia

The Russian blue cat gets divorced both in Russia, and in the rest of the world. There are their four types: North American, English, Scandinavian and European.

Appearance at this breed distinguished: the big, vertically put ears, oval eyes of a saturated shade green, an oblong athletic body with strong muscles. Wool at the Russian blue short and brilliant, to the touch soft and silk. Color — gray-blue and uniform, or clean blue with a silvery outflow.

Character at the Russian blue appeasable and friendly, however, just like that these cats will not allow to touch themselves, they are proud and like to dispose of the time, without giving themselves to fray to iron.

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