• Nov 7, 2019

In a cat with blue to devour something special with the eyes. Dazzling and children's blueness — rare feature in the cat's world, and it is easy to understand why so many people are attracted by it. Let's tell about cats with the most beautiful blue or blue eyes in our article.

Forin Whyte

6 cat breeds most of which often have blue or blue eyes

Forina like to draw attention, to idle on a lap, they are curious and playful. Cats of this breed clever, with live temperament and the loving nature that corresponds to the same characteristics, as Siamese cats. These kitties are tender in relation to the human satellites, but also demand reciprocity. Representatives of breed are extremely loyal, often strongly become attached to one family member. If you look for a cat who always wants to be near, the breed can become ideal couple.

As cat are exacting and talkative, before bringing her home, be convinced that you have enough time for communication. Also it is necessary to show constantly how strongly you love the cat, playing and embracing her. Cats of this breed very strong despite a harmonious constitution, brawny and amazingly beautiful. And, of course, bright blue eyes make them special.

Turkish van

6 cat breeds most of which often have blue or blue eyes

The hair is similar to cashmere, but not a goat. I like to swim, but not a seal. Who am I? Well of course, the Turkish van nicknamed "natatorial" for love to water. He can be met lapping in ponds, pools or other reservoir which will be able to find. This is a clever, active, gentle cat with silky wool of average length which it is easy to look after. Many Turkish van have a small mark between shovels which is called "God's print". Among manufacturers it is considered good luck. However, in Turkey consider this breed national pride.

Cats of this breed reach a full maturity by three-five years, but live 13 years and longer. Remove fragile things if in the house there lives Turkish van. This is a live, vigorous cat who likes to jump on the highest point in the room. When he does not jump, he runs, plays in water, gets the toys or with pleasure attacks them, perhaps, even washes in a toilet or a sink in the bathroom, independently opening the crane. It is pleasant to it when it is caressed, but it is optional to take it often on hands. Small children have to understand it if you want to be friends with a cat. Wang gets on with other pets, including dogs.

Weekly combing is enough for care of hair of this cat, but the regular hairstyle of nails and cleaning of ears is necessary. The breed is suitable for the house where it is loved, appreciate, pay attention and care.

Turkish angora

6 cat breeds most of which often have blue or blue eyes

The breed is known in Turkey since the 15th century. Angoras it is considered to be white cats with blue or green eyes, however they are different flowers and to various patterns, including striped and tortoise. The Turkish angoras — excellent swimmers will also not refuse to plunge into a bathtub, a shower or the pool. Thin, elegant, with the wedge-shaped head, long silky wool and a fluffy tail, this cat has grace of the ballerina, but at the same time strong and dexterous. It is necessary to know that at this breed not the most good feeling of humour, and she gets on with other animals only having convinced that they know who here main. In the same vein the pet will control everything, what are you doing, it is desirable from above. She is clever and is able to open doors of cases and to turn on mixers (or will teach you to do it for it). This is an active, exacting, willful cat, but her beauty compensates foolish character.

British kolor-point

6 cat breeds most of which often have blue or blue eyes

The British short-haired – classics of the cat's nobility. Representatives of this breed are incredibly attractive, their appearance is majestic. Unostentatious "control" over family life, condescension, ability to show the beauty, do "participation" in all affairs this cat by the beautiful partner for all family members. British short-haired is harmonious, the average or large size an animal with the brawny, strong, well developed body. Strong legs, a powerful torso, the round head with big cheeks, a short and thick neck – here the description of the classical representative of a look. For especially gentle and silky wool they are compared to chinchillas.

Good manners at the British short-haired cat in blood. They perfectly feel in the city apartment or a country house, easily get on with other cats and dogs. You can feel their wise, congenital intelligence, devotion and kindness.

Scottish cats

6 cat breeds most of which often have blue or blue eyes

Breed Scottish lop-eared — special in many respects. All cats can track the genetic family tree to one specific ancestor who lived in Scotland in the middle of the 20th century. At this breed lovely expression of "face", the roundish head, a short neck and strong, almost chubby body. It does them delightful, and blue or blue eyes give a special charm.

On character it is the tender, loving and faithful cat, but not importunate, silent and devoted to one person. Easily adapts, is on friendly terms with children and other pets. One more amusing "fancifulness" which is unique for Scottish Folds consists in their strange ability to sit directly with the straightened hind legs as an otter or fluffy little Buddha. It is quite possible that Scottish Folds with densely put ears can have more problems with ear infections therefore it is quite good to look in their ears from time to time to be convinced that everything is all right or in time to address the veterinarian.

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