• Sep 4, 2019

In the world exists a huge number of cat breeds. And everyone – on the is beautiful and unique. But among them there is several such which are especially allocated with unusual appearance, namely – fantastic wool.


7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

The main line of this breed – existence of "a curly-headed fur coat". The wavy hair at these cats looks a little uncombed and even careless, and to mature age around a neck so-called "collar" is formed. Hairs seem weightless and gentle, and to the touch represent a combination of elasticity, ease and lightness. At the same time the quality of wool can differ a little depending on age of a murlyka, a color and season.

Selkirk Rex

7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

One of the youngest breeds which bears a gene of curly wool. Are both long-haired, and short-haired between which differences are especially noticeable on a tail and a collar. Fibers lie compactly, peculiar "plush" curls lumps. The waviness of wool can change in connection with climate, season and hormonal a condition of a cat. At the same time the texture always remains soft, dense, without "high temples".


7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

The breed arose owing to a natural mutation of hair of domestic cat which gives to an animal the shape similar to a type of the werewolf from the European mythology. Initially there was an opinion that the similar type of wool is caused by some disease, but researches proved that it not so. Only it was revealed that representatives of this breed have not enough some follicles for growth of hair because of what cats have no underfur. Also it turned out that the deficiency of the certain components supporting growth of hairs why animals intensively fade is available and can become almost bald. At the same time only a season can affect quality of the wool.


7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

These short-haired cats the color remind wild mammals – ocelots thanks to what received the name. Their hair of cream color with beautiful golden specks which extend on all body, including a tail. Spots have a little oblong shape and are surrounded with five ringlets forming a saturated contour.


7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

Distinctive feature of these cats – the dense dense wool growing on almost naked body at the peculiar islands located on the head, ears, legs (reaching shoulders and hips) and a tail. The quality of hairs quite often depends on seasonality and a hormonal background of an animal.


7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

These unusual cats harmoniously combine graceful lines of the wild relatives and the tender appeasable nature of a house murlyka. The business card of breed – unique wool: short, incredibly smooth and silky. From above it is covered with mixed spots, reminding those a leopard coloring.


7 cat breeds with the most unusual wool

Hair of these cats has no ostevy hairs. The body is completely covered with the dense underfur twisted in the dense wave reminding astrakhan fur. To the touch hairs soft, gentle and silky, grow in the direction from the head to a tail tip. All body of these cats differs in special smooth lines and grace of forms.

Each of representatives of these breeds at first sight draws close attention to herself. But as well as any house murlyka, especially needs love, caress and the full leaving allowing to keep beauty and originality of an unusual hair.

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