• Nov 1, 2019

If to look at Ancient Egyptian images of cats, it is possible to note that close attention to them was paid to eyes. It and is not surprising: we still specially treat a look of these animals. "Cat's eyes" naturally cause genuine affection, and a make-up "a cat's eye" by right is considered one of the best ways to emphasize expressiveness and sensuality. In this article we will consider eight breeds which have shooters which became a basis for this make-up are expressed especially strongly.

Persian cat

8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

The Persian cat on the second place in popularity in the world — is more popular only экзот. They are loved for playful character, affection for the owner and, of course, for magnificent wool. Owners of Persians perfectly know that representatives of this breed are at heart not exacting – will not begin to mew once again, but here the lingering, hypnotizing look perfectly will let know that something is necessary. Persians have delightful eyes — big and expressive. Shooters do a look imperious, and a muzzle slightly beetle-browed. Brightest "make-up" at cats with white wool.

British short-haired cat

8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

And here this breed is most popular in Russia. And it is not surprising at all — in comparison with Persian, British short-haired demands much smaller efforts on leaving. At the same time they have something the general: they are very house, with a short muzzle and big eyes. Shooters at natives from the Foggy Albion dark, but small. They give to round eyes of British slightly teardrop shape, and in combination with an easy squint introduce that self-satisfied impressiveness which so distinguishes them from other breeds in shape.

British long-haired cat

8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

The British dlinnoshersty cat appeared as a result of crossing of the Persian and British short-haired cat. And if the muzzle at long-haired is more from the Persian, then an eye and an arrow obviously from the English ancestor. Thin and dark, at the expense of wider muzzle and full cheeks, they are allocated stronger than at British short-haired. And in combination with the eyes put more deeply than at the Persian cat create mysterious and stately shape.

Scottish Fold and Skottish-strayt

8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

Scottish lop-eared and Scottish pryamoukhy cats are madly beautiful creations with big, slightly sad eyes and the shooters which are ideally supplementing them. At a Scottish Fold, in combination with dropped by ears and big round eyes, the inking gives slightly scared expressions to an attractive face that, is complemented with quiet character and does Scots of one of the loveliest breeds.


8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

The cat with short wool who is narrowed to a chin a muzzle, a dark smoky contour around lips and a nose — the burmilla can be carried to the list of the most elegant breeds safely. Can make it even better only one — charming, bright shooters. If the similar make-up was done by the professional makeup artist, it would be possible to tell that he was overzealous with an eyeliner. But, in combination with foggy eyes of a burmilla, it looks fantastically.

Abbisinsky cat

8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

The Abyssinian cat is traditionally considered very clever and active. However, the nature did not deprive this breed of appearance too. The Abyssinian treats that species of cats which you will not call lovely in any way. In its beauty there is something wild. A small, sharp muzzle, large ears and eyes which are deeply put, brightly allocated black. In shooters the lion's share of beauty of a cat is, they betray it similarity to a lynx, and their orientation ideally is in harmony with position of a nose and lips.

Asian tabb

8 cat breeds with beautiful shooters in the eyes

Asian tabb is the one more kind of a burma. The special charm to shooters of an Asian tabba is given by slightly slanting eyes and light spots under centuries. Contrasting with a dark contour of arrows, they are brightly allocated that increases fascinating expressiveness of a look. Best of all dark arrows at cats with a spotty color look.

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