• Nov 11, 2019

of the Cat, as a rule, have a peculiar character which differs, first of all, in egoism and independence. If you want to get a cat as a pet, but at the same time for you it is important to find in his face of the loyal friend, then pay attention to cat breeds in which nature there are dog devotion and fidelity to the owner.

Norwegian forest cat

8 cat breeds with sobachy character

This breed seldom meets at us in the country, but is widespread in Europe. This pet combines in the character both friendliness, and independence. Adult representatives of a look have quite large sizes. He without effort adapts to life in big family, possesses steady mentality and quiet character. In order that the animal developed fully, he is granted the right for free walks. Also important requirement to contents – existence of the certain room (box) for a cat. The pet leaves to the shelter when wants to retire.


8 cat breeds with sobachy character

This breed differs in soft and curly wool. The playfulness and a lyubopytnost of the pet will make more cheerful and more active life of owners. Cornysh-reks is a playful fidget. It is very pleasant to iron him: the hair on structure reminds a velvet or astrakhan fur. Cornysh-reks needs attention and spends the time among members of household, continuously getting under feet and mewing. He loves children and does not clash with other animals. Representatives of breed have high intelligence and easily give in to training.

Turkish angora

8 cat breeds with sobachy character

This graceful cat with fluffy white wool – the real beauty with blue eyes. The pet becomes attached and faithfully serves one owner therefore they suit lonely people. Their passion to hunting for small animals belongs to minuses in behavior of the Turkish angoras. It is dangerous to support pets of the small sizes one house with this cat. The pet has quiet character, loudly does not mew and also is able to swim, and, having high intelligence, gives in to education and training.

Bengalese cat

8 cat breeds with sobachy character

This look was formed by crossing of wild and house breeds. Representatives of bengals are active and playful. It is elite breed: the color of an animal reminds color of hair of leopard. The Bengalese cat is graceful and has attractive appearance. Representatives of breed are devoted to owners, without effort live in big families. Pass - "leopard" combines inquisitiveness, intelligence, great appearance and friendliness in the character.


8 cat breeds with sobachy character

This look is formed by crossing of bursansky and Siamese breeds. Tonkineza – short-haired animals therefore their indumentum does not need special leaving. The cat differs in rare color of eyes – an aquamarine shade. Tonkinez is sociable and friendly, active, makes various sounds for drawing attention. The cat becomes attached to the owner and remains is faithful to him, but at the same time does not lose the independence. Therefore, to subordinate itself the fluffy favourite it will not turn out. The pet suits partner, trusting relationship. The cat of this breed has non-conflicting character, gets on with other animals, at the same time needs daily walks.


8 cat breeds with sobachy character

Representatives of breed have a continuous color: coloring are chocolate, lavender, smoky, cream, blue. The cat possesses a loud voice and is not suitable for a quiet life. The figure of the pet differs in the grace developed by muscles. Also the shape of the head of an oriyentala is unusual: a triangular muzzle, the pointed ears, expressive eyes. The cat does not stand loneliness, needs attention. If pet to leave one for a long time, then he will be depressed. Oriyentala are friendly and trustful to owners, but for a lack of attention are capable to revenge: to scatter a forage, to climb on curtains, to spoil furniture. Oriyentala are clean, clever, give in to training.

Kuril bobtail

8 cat breeds with sobachy character

It is an independent, sociable, tender cat. which has peaceful, balanced character. At appearance the bobtail has a feature which distinguishes it from other breeds – a short tail in the form of a pompon. The bobtail without effort adapts to an environment, gets on with children, is friendly to dogs. The bobtail is called "a domestic lynx" because of appearance and character, specific to a cat. The pet easily gives in to training – representatives of breed distinguish about 1.5 thousand words and expressions.

Japanese bobtail

8 cat breeds with sobachy character

It is the friendly, active pet who needs regular physical activity. The cat has the extended body and a short tail. The character of the pet is contradictory: he can play pranks if there was a conflict with the owner. Representatives of breed are sociable, talkative, love people. The Japanese bobtail constantly is in the movement – he follows the owner on heels, with curiosity watches its actions. Gives in to training and understands teams.

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