• Nov 3, 2019
When you look

at a lovely fluffy kitten, there is a wish that he remained the little and playful kid longer. Probably therefore in the world tiny cat breeds are so popular.


8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

Predstaviteli of this look active, they like to run, play a bow and other toys. Such cats are inquisitive, are not afraid of children, dogs and other cats.

Manchkina happen the small, and average sizes. The tail on length is equal to a trunk. Short paws became unique and distinctive feature of these cats. An almond-shaped shape of an eye, in combination with highly put ears, give the alerted expression to a muzzle.

The short-haired version, has plush structure of wool, and long-haired, has a silky hair, with a small collar on a neck, and the trimmed tail. The weight of an adult cat fluctuates from 2nd to 4 kilograms.


8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

This new, unusual breed which was removed recently and so far it is recognized as experimental. Originally, crossed the Chinese sphinx with manchkiny, then added genes of a burm and Devon-reksa. Removal of a tiny look, with skin of a sphinx and wool Devon-reksa and short paws was the purpose of selectors. The desirable result was received in 2000.

Externally, the animal has the developed muscles, the average size of a trunk, a short and wide muzzle. Abroad the heads on each side, are ears. It widely placed big, oval eyes. Wool short, covers only the head, a tail, ears and pads. The stomach is naked, on a body hair rare, front pads are shorter than back. Predstaviteli of this breed active, playful, ridiculously move, because of short pads.

The weight of adult cats is 2-3 kilograms.

of Singapore

8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

This cat breed has the name by the name of the cities where they were picked up in the seventies by Midou's spouses from America. Of this breed are entered by Predstaviteli in the Guinness Book of Records as the most tiny domestic cats. Adult cats weigh no more than 3 kilograms, and cats no more than 2 kilograms.

Singapura compact, brawny, strong, have a strong short neck. Length of paws and a tail average, a sure sign of breeding – a dark tip of a nose and lack of strips on outer side of paws.


8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

Lemkin it ламбкин is the young dwarfish breed removed in America. One more its name nanus-reks, "рекс" means "curly fur". The name "lemkin" became more common, because of appearance, the curling fur these cats are similar to little lambs.

Lemkina are removed during crossing a Selkirk Rex with manchkiny where reksa have the usual sizes and proportions of a body. Two characteristic signs of breed – curly fur and short paws. The lack of one indicator, is considered marriage of breed, they lose the right to participate in exhibitions, and castrations are subject. Therefore lemkina remain very rare breed.

The average body weight of representatives of this proda fluctuates from 1.8 to the 4th kilgramm.



Skukum are also removed relatively recently, works on removal were conducted 10 years and were completed in 1996. The name of breed "скукум", means "brave" or "inflexible" in translation from the Indian language, the character of these cats corresponds to the name.

Skukuma are received by crossing of a manchkin and лаперм. They inherited the small size of a body from a manchkin, and short pads too. They received a magnificent tail and curly wool from breed лаперм.

Skukuma are characterized by a powerful breast and a strong body, have a little head with a short neck. Ears of skukum happen the different size, and an average eye. Sometimes they are called "dwarfish лаперм", because of curly-headed wool and a fluffy collar.

The average body weight of cats of this breed is from 2.2 to 4 kilograms, cats – from 1.8 to 3.6 kilograms.


8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

Bambino's cats differ in friendly character, they sociable and clever. This breed is especially affectionate to owners, needs a large amount of caress and attention. Predstaviteli of this breed get on with children, they are not afraid of dogs, and other animals. Adore playing independently and with owners.

Bambino – little animals, with a wide thorax and the extended body, a tail too very long. On the wedge-shaped head the big and widely placed eyes. Ears at them upright, large, triangular shape.

Front pads are a little shorter than back. This breed has no wool, but existence of folds and wrinkles on a forehead, is characteristic of it, an eyelash and a vibrissa rare. the weight of representatives of this breed kllebltsya from 2.2 to 4 kilograms.


8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

This breed appeared in 1995, during crossing of a manchkin with the Persian. The breed received the name in honor of the emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte, animal rare and expensive. For cultivation, it is very difficult to pick up parents from these breeds, even from a family tree that after crossing the posterity had no defects, was healthy and met strict standards.

Thanks to laborious work, Napoleon's manufacturers managed to reach unique signs of this cat. They differ in diminutiveness of all body and muzzle.

Adult napoleona will always look as little, fluffy and gentle kittens, the reason for that – the small growth and a special look. The weight of these cats is from 2.3 to 4 kilograms.

the Scythian - melt - Don

8 lovely breeds of dwarfish cats who and want to be got at home

The Scythian - melt - Don reminds the toy copy of Siamese cats. These tiny cats have a proportional trunk and pads of normal length. However, the pleasant appearance and kind character, unlike Siamese, quickly won the world popularity. There was a breed in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

The Scythian - melt - Don appeared crossing of the Thai kitten and Siamese cat, and only one kitten from a dung, was very little. However it grew up, and later, from it the genus of tiny cats went. It is registered in 1994.

Adult cats of this breed weigh from 0.9 grams to 2.5 kilograms.

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