• Nov 7, 2019

Some impressionable natures, time having seen a fluffy lump of happiness at an exhibition, at once rush to manufacturers with a request to pick up a kitten. But emotions from breed are only emotions. Most often people who hurry with the decision only because of appearance of a cat strongly make the wrong choice of the fluffy favourite. The breed can have features which can please you not.

Persian cat

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

As owners of the Persian breed speak: more silently than the Persian cat there can be only a sleeping Persian cat. This breed is considered not only the most silent, but also the laziest and quiet. Time having climbed up a soft sofa or a chair, the Persian will remain there for long time.

If you in the house have children, then can safely get the Persian cat, he will be more balanced than the Tibetan monk. But consider that it is not so simple to look after breed. The magnificent cat's fur coat should be combed out every day and, perhaps, not one time. Otherwise koltuna which bring to these cats serious discomfort will begin to be formed.

Persian kolor-point

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

In wide circles this breed is known as Himalaya. Such terminological confusion is connected with the American influence. In America it is accepted to call a kolor-point the Himalaya color, from here and confusion at many fans of cats.

But another is important for those who only just begin to understand cat's breeds and think of the one whom to get absolutely. Externally Himalaya cat looks as the Persian with a color a kolo-point. Respectively, the character at representatives of this breed is closest to character of the ordinary Persian. So if you suddenly do not like a color of classical Persian cats, then here to you the same silent alternative.

But you remember that you get the same Persian so all features of his behavior, care of it and treatment remain the same.

of Singapore

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

Gentle and tiny Singapore is one more example of a silent cat. Representatives of this breed are allocated with a rare and attractive color "aguta sepia" and are considered as some of the most unpretentious in leaving.

These cats to you will not bother and to require constant attention. They are delicate, brought up, perfectly transfer loneliness (reasonably, of course). Undoubted plus is also that the cat itself will look after the beautiful fur coat so you should not spend all day for comb-outs or to look for on all city expensive shampoo for care of its wool.


Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

Efficient ragdolls will be pleasant to those who appreciate moderate friendliness in cats. Representatives of this breed will not give a vote without need, they speak only on business and without excess emotionality. The special temperament at these cats was not noticed, they are moderately sociable, will play with you if you want that. But will not begin to require attention from you every minute.

Individuals of this breed quite large, but at the same time attractive so it will be pleasant to fans of "big" cats. Consider that at all independence ragdolls are very sensitive to loneliness. You should not leave their some for a long time as they can be depressed and even to ache. To them direct communication with the owner how many its presence nearby is not so much important.

of Ekzot

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

Otherwise these cats are called still exotic short-haired. It is the real plush toy which will be pleasant to all who love ploskomordy breeds. If you have no time for daily combing of a cat, but you always dreamed of the Persian, then here to you a short-haired alternative.

Ekzota are more mobile and active, however they are also silent and counterbalanced. If length of wool was for you the only minus of the Persian breed, then, without thinking, get the ekzot.

British cat

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

The British quite correspond to the name of the breed. They are silent, balanced, intelligent and beautiful. These are the real aristocrats of the cat's world. Probably, for this reason the British are so popular in comparison with representatives of other breeds now.

Quite recently it was even succeeded to remove a silvery and golden kind of their color and also to recognize officially long-haired version of this breed. So now any will be able to find the British cat to the taste.

Scottish breed

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

Any Scottish representative, whether it be a lop-eared, pryamoukhy, short-haired or long-haired kind of breed, will differ in sedate and quiet character. These cats suit all those who for days on end vanish at work. Scots perfectly transfer loneliness, and at your desire will stay with you nearby, will play, will lie down on knees, having curled up in a ball.

Selkirk Rex

Real taciturn persons: 8 cat breeds which are not really talkative

These curly bear cubs became carriers of an accidental mutation which was found at absolutely not purebred cat in one American shelter. The version Selkirk differs from representatives of a class Rex, they have more dense hair and a dense body.

It is caused by the fact that Persians, the British and ekzota of various subspecies participated in selection. So the standard of breed assumes any length of wool. Besides all behavioural tactics of a selkirka inherited from laconic "parents", and from not purebred mother only curliness of wool.

So if you like such unusual breed, but you are rather afraid that the cat will constantly "stir", then you can draw the attention of a Selkirk Rex, he will precisely satisfy all your requirements.

On what from the breeds given above your choice did not fall, you remember that you get, first of all, the friend and the family member, but not a fashionable toy. Representatives of any breed are in own way beautiful and worthy so carefully consider the choice, estimate opportunities and own way of life.

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