• Dec 4, 2018

of the Cat as some of the most widespread pets. In the world there are enough representatives of huge cat's family, but unruly selectors continue to remove new and sometimes unusual breeds of cats with characteristic and even for many, terrible lines of appearance. Some of them curly, the second — bald, the third have no tail, but for the owners it is the best, clever and beautiful animals.

Unusual Breeds of Cats

Curly-headed and nonhairy

Cats with the curling wool — reksa, graceful and long-legged. K to them belong:

Cats with the Curling Wool

Bohemian Rex

  1. Cornysh. The English version removed in the County of Kornuell. Advantage — the short curly wool which is not demanding special leaving, reminding astrakhan fur. Does not fade.
  2. Devon. One of the most expensive versions, is removed in 1960 in Devonshire, quickly found popularity in Europe and the USA. In Russia meets seldom.
  3. Selkirk. The young breed which is officially registered in 1992. Owner of quiet character. Regular care of wool is obligatory. There can be problems with health.
  4. Ural. The Russian native cat of the average sizes, with short or long wavy wool. Sociable, with the appeasable nature and existence of intelligence, it is focused on the person.
  5. Bohemian. History of cats originates in Czechoslovakia. The breed is still recognized only FIFE. Animal tender, obedient and accurate. Permanent care of wool is necessary.
  6. Herman. A brawny, medium-sized cat with tender character. It is hypoallergenic as the underfur is absent. Wool very short therefore german-reks constantly freezes and needs high-calorific food.

Bald unusual cats of breed a sphinx, are similar to alien beings. the Best representatives:

Canadian Sphinx

Peterbald — Elegant Cat Breed

  1. Canadian, or exotic cat figurine. Differs in pantophagy, it is not whimsical and nonaggressive. The feature — often sweats owing to what skin becomes covered by a wax raid. Regular wipings of a body or bathing are necessary.
  2. Donskoy. The Russian breed removed in 1987 in Rostov-on-Don. Tender and tactful. Often there are problems with health. It is necessary to cross to care.
  3. Ukrainian Levkoy. The owner of original appearance, if to watch the photo, can seem that it is a naked puppy, but this is a cat and it treats lop-eared sphinxes. Gillyflowers are born both without wool, and with a velors hair, very short to 3 mm. Leaving rather simple.
  4. Peterbald. The elegant breed with gold character is from St. Petersburg, removed in 1994. Peterbalds are so strongly attached to the person that at separation from the owner refuse food and are depressed. At the Russian fans of sphinxes it is considered one of the most popular breeds.
  5. Elf. The breed received a new species of sphinxes, the name because of the unusual structure of ears. The Canadian sphinxes and American curls participated in selection. Result — a hairless vigorous cat with the bent ears and quite high intelligence. At elves are born unusual kittens, similar to alien beings or fairy tale characters.

of Korotkolapaya cat dachshund

Nicknamed a cat dachshund the rare and expensive breed which recently appeared in 1991 манчкин. Selectors did not try to bring a cat with it external data. It is result of a rare mutation.

Character at cats dachshunds sociable and friendly, strongly become attached to the owner, well get on with other pets wishing to play with children. Wool can be both long, and short and to have various colors.

Korotkolapaya Cat Dachshund

The main feature — extremities at representatives of breed is twice less, than at ordinary standard cats therefore it is difficult to manchkina to jump on a sofa or a chair or to climb up a tree. For the rest this strange cat breed does not feel discomfort and leads full-fledged life.

Tailless and leopard

One more feature of some breeds — lack of a tail. It is a natural mutation, but not artificially created appearance . Such cats are called:

Tailless Menksa

  1. Menksa. Natives from the Irish Isle of Man. Popular the breed became in the 20th century. The Manx cats excellent hunters, are on friendly terms with dogs and get on with children. Owing to the fact that the lack of a tail is result of a mutation there can be problems with health.
  2. Bobtails. Large tailless cats the having several versions: Kuril, Thai, Japanese, Karelian, American. All of them need careful care of wool, are easily trained and freedom-loving.

Bright golden wool with a characteristic leopard print makes domestic cats similar to the wild relatives.

It is breeds:

Cat Breed Savannah.

  1. Savanna. The largest and expensive breed with exotic coloring of a serval and tranquility of an ordinary domestic cat. Body weight can reach up to 14 kg, height of 45 cm in withers. The maximum growth is reached to three-year age.
  2. Otsiket. Absolutely domestic and tender cat despite a leopard color. The unostentatious and loving long walks with the owner. It is easily accustomed to go on a lead, loveful and true.
  3. Bengal. Reminds a tiny leopard. The fearless, easily trained and loving water breed. It is recommended to socialize from early age and at acquisition to listen to councils of the manufacturer.

Big also pass

As a result of laborious selection work enough large and small cat's breeds are removed. K big belong:

Maine Coon. Native breed

Siberian Cat Breed

  1. Maine Coon. The native breed removed in America. It is considered the most popular among large kinds of cats. Only the savanna can challenge a title. Maine Coons — good-natured, quiet, tender with children. Well adapt in the city apartment, but need walks.
  2. Siberian. Pride of the Russian selectors. The standard was developed in 1988. Siberians — a danger to all mice and other small wreckers. Minus — a plentiful molt, and the cats living in apartments without the right of walking fades all the year round that gives a certain inconvenience to owners.

of the Mini-cat belong to rare breeds with high price.

Cat Napoleon

the Most popular:

  1. Napoleon. Representatives of breed weigh about 2 kg, compact and tender. Can be with short and long wool. Are focused on the person and till an old age look as kittens.
  2. Bambino. the young breed created by knittings of manchkin with sphinxes. Get on with pets and children, because of the raised metabolism need the strengthened food.

the Most nice and snub-nosed

From some cats it is impossible to tear off a look, the expression of an attractive face, so lovely at them, called by baby face. The Scottish Fold concerns them. It is impossible to call them the most unusual cats in the world, but the photo of fold seldom to whom is not pleasant. The speaking glance of huge eyes and the ears pressed to the head do them even lovelier and is more defenseless. But this deceptive impression, cats do not tolerate familiarity though they are not aggressive at all.

the Most snub-nosed are ekzota which by right are considered as one of the most unusual cat's breeds. The snub nose and huge round eyes on a flat muzzle will not leave indifferent even people, exactly belonging to animals.

Cat Scottish Fold

In the world more than 250 cat's breeds and each look the features, character, a color, but all of them are united by peculiar beauty and grace. Whether it be the kitten acquired in elite nursery or who is picked up on the street.

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