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of Cat breeds with large ears, and despite original appearance, ushastik have many admirers. Some bought such ornament as a result of laborious selection work, others — natives of the African or Asian countries, and large ears at them by nature — they serve as protection against a heat. Though at many artificially removed breeds large ears are only ornament.

Cat Breeds with Large Ears

For what to cats large ears

Big-eared cats as well as all representatives of the cat family, have good hearing .

For What to Cats Large Ears

The only thing that sharply distinguishes macrotous cats with the African and Asian roots from usual is a heat exchange.

The thin skin of an auricle and a set of blood vessels cool blood even at hardly noticeable air fluctuations .

The air temperature, the quicker circulation of the blood stream passing through capillaries and which is quickly cooled in them is higher.

Description of breeds

As a result of fruitful work of felinologists-selectors in the world a large number of macrotous cats appeared.

the Most demanded cat breeds with large ears:

The Abyssinian — Short-haired

Somalia Kitten

Cat Savannah

Canadian sphinx

Cornysh-reks Cat

Snow шу — rare breed,

  1. Abyssinian — short-haired, playful and active, requires constant master's attention. Practically does not fade as the underfur is absent. Body weight reaches up to 7.5 kg.
  2. Bambino — rare and expensive breed, growth in withers of only 25 cm, and up to 3 kg. Wool is absent, a body strong, paws short, ears volume, eyes blue. Are nonaggressive, well transfer change of a situation. Often freeze therefore that the cat did not catch a cold, the cat's clothes are necessary.
  3. Devon-reks — the short-haired owner of curly soft and nice on the touch wool, with the large low put ears and round eyes. The body is proportional, legs harmonious, long, weight is 4.0−4.5 kg. Cats clever, intelligent, sociable.
  4. Somalia — average growth and a constitution a cat with the curved back and soft wool. It is nonaggressive, capable to adapt to mood of the owner. She is sociable with pets, likes to play with children.
  5. Minskin — short-haired cats with very short paws. The body is covered with rare wool, the muzzle is similar to dog, eyes big yellow or blue. Have the quiet nature, existence of intelligence, well think. Loneliness do not transfer.
  6. The St. Petersburg sphinx — this breed of big-eared cats possesses the extended slender body, long flexible extremities, a hlystoobrazny tail, big slanting eyes, a noble profile and weighing about 5 kg. Kittens are born both with wool, and without it. The character is sociable, and cats very curious and clean.
  7. Serengeti is a beautiful cat with honey eyes and plush wool with effect of blinking. Curious, playful and cheerful. Likes to play a game of tag with children or other animals.
  8. The savanna is the unrecognized large breed reminding a tiny cheetah. Weight reaches 15 kg. Clever, freedom-loving and independent animal. It is not recommended to families with small children. Is not on friendly terms with other pets.
  9. The elf — one of the least representatives of cat's family is powerful to only two kilograms. The body is strong, skin folded, eyes light almond-shaped. Are nonaggressive, love communication, especially with children and small doggies, are easily trained.
  10. Oriyental — animals with stern temper, curious and vociferous. The body is flexible, ears large, eyes big. From lack of attention become irritable.
  11. Siama — a graceful, clever and inquisitive animal. Cats of this breed are very jealous, require constant attention. Are not recommended to families with children and animals. Do not transfer loneliness.
  12. The Canadian sphinx — at these cats a smooth body without wool, the wedge-shaped head and widely placed ears. The long tail is practically always turned off by a ring and pressed to a body. The maximum body weight — 6 kg. Feature of breed are deep folds on a forehead, a neck and paws. Are not aggressive at all.
  13. Balinez is a compact cat with average and long wool without underfur, no more than 5 kg weigh. Back extremities are higher lobbies, a tail hlystoobrazny with a plume. It is like a dog betrayed to the owner, clever, does not like to remain alone.
  14. Donskoy a sphinx — the species of a cat justifies the name of breed: proud profile of the Egyptian sphinx, velvety wrinkled skin, large ears and expressive eyes. Body weight varies from 5 to 7 kg. Character balanced and sociable. Cats easily adapt in new places, are easily trained, amicable with other pets and are playful.
  15. Cornysh-reks — vigorous, playful and inquisitive. Won popularity because of curly silky wool. No more than 5 kg weigh. Do not love loneliness.
  16. The Turkish angora — an elegant graceful cat with long direct wool, a small nose and the large highly put ears. Clever and hyperactive. Does not transfer absence of owners, can behave disgracefully.
  17. A Maine Coon — very large cats, up to 12 kg, in proportion put and dexterous. Excellent hunters. The wool extended, dense, with a soft underfur on a stomach and sides. Devoted to the owner, quiet, like to bathe, treat children and pets kindly.
  18. An Ukrainian Levkoy — a medium-sized brawny cat with strong extremities and thin paws. Ears meet as bent, and straight lines. Loveful, patient, loves children.
  19. Snow шу — rare breed, appearance reminding the Siamese. Distinctive feature — white pads and also white spots on a muzzle and expressive blue eyes. Representatives of breed active, dexterous, perfectly get on with children and pets.
  20. Forin-vayt — a graceful white cat with blue almond-shaped eyes, a triangular muzzle and a loud voice. It is capable to find a common language with children and animals, but at the same time to remain independent and freedom-loving.
  21. Chauz — unrecognized large breed up to 10 kg. Have the extended well-muscled body and flexible extremities. An obligatory detail — brushes on ears. Have appeasable character, tender and playful.

Acquisition of kittens

Kittens it is necessary to get only in the checked nurseries or from perfectly proved manufacturers.

Before acquisition it is necessary to study features of breed and to visit several exhibitions.

List of some nurseries which are engaged in cultivation of breeds of kittens with large ears:

  • Cutie, Moscow (Abyssinian, oriental).
  • ALF, Samara (Siamese, oriental).

Nursery of LovEI, Moscow (Kornish-reks).

It is not recommended to buy kittens without documents in the markets and from unknown manufacturers as for high price the unfair seller can realize the metis or a sick animal.

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