• Dec 16, 2018

Recently cats of large breeds — for singularity of the sizes and a coloring of wool enjoy wide popularity. The color of cats a Maine Coon owing to natural origin of breed initially was dark and carried the name "black marble". After prevalence of breed options of a color increased. It drew even more attention to such pets.

Types of Coloring of Cats Maine Coon

Types of coloring

Frequent crossing of Maine Coons and gene changes led to what the table of colors impresses. It is replenished with shades of wool and versions of drawings. Types of a coloring consist of three parts:

Colour of Cats of Breed Maine Coon

  • Color of a woolen cover. Felinologiya (science about cats) convinces that there are only two types of initial color of wool. Red, better known as red, and black. Other shades are formed from oxidation, clarification of pigmentation because of external factors and genetic favor of a Maine Coon.
  • Drawing. There is it or not and what form. These are the strips of different thickness and length at some individuals passing into curls.
  • Spots. Are in some cases perceived as the drawing. But can be wool coloring components.

For the aid to fans of a Maine Coon the table in which all types of coloring of this breed are reflected is created.

It is difficult to the beginning felinologists to understand definition of a color. At the same time it is necessary to know not only the general principles of a look and genetic subtleties, but also features of a certain breed

Interpretation of values

With the table, the beginning breeders of cats a Maine Coon, can estimate a coloring of the pets .

EMS — the system of codes is given in a type of figures and Latin letters. They help to characterize appearance of any individual.

Table of Colours of Cats of Breed Maine Coon

The values given in the table in the form of letters characterize a color color of wool of the pet. If there is a silvery tone, then S is added to the first letter (primary color). The white shade is reflected in the table by numbers. The less digital designation, the is more than light covering on an animal. For example, the most difficult:

How to Support Cats of Breed a Maine Coon

  • Tabb (21) drawing. The wool is shorter, the coloring is accurater and more accurate than Vidin. The drawing is equal, well outlined, it is contrast with primary color of a covering. Thoroughbred cats have alphabetic references of a certain look on the hair.
  • Marble color (22). Obligatory stains on side parts of a body are complemented with two lines which pass along a backbone. To this coloring the drawing in the form of a butterfly which is between shovels is characteristic.
  • Classical tiger color (23). The wide line of dark color passes along a backbone of a cat. Well outlined strips reminding a tiger coloring completely surround sides of an individual. If they are interrupted, it is admissible and it is not considered rejection.
  • Spotty (24). The accurate round spots reminding peas located on tail and back parts of the pet. In front coloring "маркель" — the interrupted lines surrounding a body of an animal.
  • Tikkirovanny (25). The most rare type of a coloring. It is deprived of a tabba color, but on each fiber several color strips.

Thanks to these data it is possible to describe color of hair of any cat of breed a Maine Coon. For example, ds24 speaks about an animal with a spotty silvery-red coloring.

Description of Appearance of Cats Maine Coon

For Maine Coons black and red colors are considered as basic. A big rarity a continuous color of wool at an animal. The tiger drawing or spots, various in a form, are considered as the most widespread.

Precisely knowing a color of the pet, it is possible not only to obtain more information on it, but also to assume a posterity coloring . It will help manufacturers to sell favourably kittens or to carry out knitting with the necessary individual.

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