• Feb 12, 2019

a possibility of carrying out even of the most, apparently, inconceivable genetic experiments for a long time. But the research centers continue to surprise mankind with unexpected achievements again and again. So, geneticists from China created brawny dogs of "supermen" with double muscle bulk.

Breed of Dog Beagle

Opinions of ordinary citizens about it differ. For example, animal activists at once showed indignation about it.

Experiments with beagles

For carrying out researches scientists chose popular British breed — a beagle. The nice long-eared dog differs in excellent sense of smell therefore successfully use it for:

  • hunting for rabbits;
  • search of explosives at customs.

of beagles were also "modified" by the Chinese geneticists, having twice increased their muscle bulk.

Scientists explain the success with the fact that at them it turned out "to disconnect" the gene stopping growth of muscles at a certain stage of development. increased muscle bulk and, respectively, strength of the "modified" beagles. Initially 60 embryos participated in an experiment, however successfully it was succeeded to change DNA only to two of them.

Purpose of researches

Zoodefenders directly of accuse geneticists of mockery at animals for the purpose of creation of more expensive "decorative" beagles. In the same time participants of the project, in particular, professor Lai of Liangxue, are sure of expediency of an experiment and the good intentions.

Genetic Experiment

Scientists consider that this a genetic experiment will help to make break in treatment of Parkinson's disease . This slowly progressing chronic neurologic disease quite often occurs in elderly people.

If not to render to the patient the timely help, then already in about 8 years he completely will lose working capacity.

Unfortunately, this disease becomes more and more widespread. It is promoted by growth of total number of elderly people. Especially it belongs to the post-industrial countries.

Similar researches

In People's Republic of China it is not the first case of creation of animals - "bodybuilders". The little before genetics brought pigs with huge muscles.

Pigs mutants

The animals who are almost deprived of fat were received not as a result of selection in her classical understanding, and in the way of replacement at pigs of the gene which is responsible for increase in muscles.

However, concerning whether it is possible to eat meat of such animals, opinions of experts differ.

At the same time sceptics the majority therefore will be assigned to such pigs exclusively decorative part .

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