• Mar 14, 2019

of the Dog the person not only devotion, intelligence and beauty. In addition, they differ in outstanding physical abilities. For example, speed. Some are literally ready to drive competing in speed with the wind. Breeds of the fastest dogs were removed for the help during hunting.

Breeds of the Fastest Dogs in World

Prompt hound

holds the First place of rating грейхаунд — gathers speed about 70 km/h. Shows such results only at short distances. Quickly loses speed, it is not capable of a marathon. It is used for prosecution of a game and also participates in dog races. Animals large, growth of dogs reaches 76 cm, weight — 40 kg. Differs in a symmetric brawny trunk, the developed shoulders and legs. Head and neck long. Colours are allowed different:

  • White and its combinations.
  • Red, yellow and red, brown.
  • Black.
  • Blue.


Differ in intelligence, well give in to training, catch the slightest changes in mood of the owner. It is considered that greykhaunda come from borzois which the East European or Eurasian Celts held.

Persian borzois


Salukis concede to the leader very little — these graceful creations are capable to disperse up to 67 km/h. At the same time they are more hardy and can make runnings lasting up to 5 h. The breed is considered one of the oldest on the planet. The ancient origin was confirmed by scientists, having made genetic researches. The name is connected with the Arab city of Salyuk. Images of gazely dogs meets on the pottery dated 3500 BC

Dogs have exclusive beauty, growth of dogs of 70 cm, weight up to 27 kg . Wool short or average length. It can be any coloring (only the tiger color is excluded). The borzoi is admissible to be contained in house conditions though long walks are required for the pet.

Initially intended for hunting for gazelles and hares and also other game. Having caught up with an animal, salukis have to hold its live before while the owner astride a horse approaches. Only it can kill production.

Ancient hunters

the Third place belongs to the Afghan borzoi , capable to run with a speed of 64 km/h. The breed is also very ancient that was confirmed by researches. It was removed in Afghanistan, counting upon mountain climate. Possesses magnificent wool, the color is allowed various. Afgana grow to 74 cm, the weight of 20−26 kg. Differs in a graceful constitution. On a muzzle often there is "mask" of black color.

Afghan Borzoi

Has live character, seeks to carry out as much as possible time in contact with owners.

the Behaviour is easily adjusted by means of usual training . The feature of character is that the dog can be frightened of sharp sounds or pursue a small animal. Treats children kindly. But nevertheless it is better to contain this breed in a country house where there is an opportunity freely to run about.

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