• Mar 8, 2019

new breed of dog with unique intuition. She was brought 40 years ago by crossing of a jackal and a laika, and its name — Sulimov's dog (by name the person who was engaged in her removal), or just Shalayk. At last, after the long researches and the made experiments, the decision to register breed and to hire recruits in security service of Russia was made.

Cynologists Recognized New Breed of Dog with Unique Intuition

Origin of breed

Features of Breed of Dog of Sulimov

Removal of this breed took a lot of time for a number of reasons. Jackals did not wish to copulate with dogs at all. In order that pairing happened, it was necessary that jackals took an animal for the. In 1975 at last there was a push. of Olenegonnaya of like raised the milk the jackal puppies thrown by it , and they when grew, could take лаек for relatives.

began after that work on crossing, but the first attempts were failure because the animal was disobedient and badly trained. In the following dung when in breed the quantity of genes of a wild animal decreased, puppies more pliable who could be trained were born.

Character and description

Shalayka is a little similar to a dog, is one fox more or a wolf, about 50 cm in height, weighing about 15 kg. Life expectancy — about 12 years. the Breed combines the following qualities:

Scent of a Dog of Sulimov

  • high intelligence;
  • endurance;
  • kindness;
  • obedience;
  • very sensitive sense of smell;
  • ability to adapt to any weather (from +40 to-70).

At the moment dogs of newly made breed are involved in film logical and other security services . Their work consists in search of banned drugs , explosives. The feature of this dog is that, unlike the fellows, close connection with the person does not interest her, most likely, it is connected with existence in blood of genes of a wild jackal.

Owing to this feature quadrupeds with identical success work with any who has an encouragement for them.

Unique abilities

Thanks to the unsurpassed qualities Shalayka gained the abilities distinguishing it from other dogs:

Sulimov's Dog and Cynologists

  1. Can define by a scent that the person is sick though would report about a disease only results of analyses.
  2. The amazing krepkost of bones, ligaments and muscles allowing a dog to jump from big heights without damages.
  3. Thanks to unique intuition it is capable to distinguish people by gender. It very much helps with search of people.
  4. Besides because of the sensitive nose it is capable to guess explosive in very small quantities.
  5. It is capable to work till 15 o'clock without interruption that very much distinguishes it from other breeds, the others can work only half an hour.

the Powerful scent and diligence distinguishing a shakalo-canine hybrid will not be replaced by any modern equipment. These four-footed hard workers already came on service to Aeroflot and guard its safety.

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