• Nov 22, 2018

needs to be engaged in Education of a German shepherd from her very first emergence in the house/apartment. Will depend on how you will behave with a dog what partner in life you will find in the person of a dog.

Education and Training of a German Shepherd

For successful education of a dog it is possible to allocate several useful and important tips:

Try to eat with the first. At first owner, then pet. The dog needs to teach to be stood. It is impossible to feed a dog with products from your table. It is the best of all to give the first commands to a dog on a hungry stomach. So at her will be incentive to execute quicker the command to receive an award in the form of food.

Show to a dog the superiority. For example, your bed for a sheep-dog the ban, and here you have to apply for her plank bed periodically. It will show to an animal who in the house main.

Education and Training of a German Shepherd

One more important point. Never give way to a dog. Accustom a dog to that in any situation, it departed, but not you in any way. For this purpose at first it is necessary to push an animal slightly.

Always during walk you lead a dog in a string. It will accustom her to discipline.

The dog always has to come according to your first team. Strict discipline. If released a dog to take a walk separately from you, she has to be near you according to the first team. Encourage it with delicacies, you praise.

It is not necessary to pursue the pet, she has to run for you. Hide from her, run away, she is obliged to find you. When finds, encourage, you praise.

Education and Training of a German Shepherd

You should not allow a dog is that got. Forbid to select to the pet something after the journey. You never know what can be in these products. Drive away it when listens besides encourage, you praise.

Do not allow it to sniff at foreign people on the street. If it approaches the passerby, bring up her breakthrough to yourself. Do not follow of a dog the tastes.

It is impossible to be angry just like that. Podavlivayte unreasonable acts of aggression. If the dog made offense, bend down her to the earth and serious tone you will express the discontent. Accustom her to it since the childhood.

you do not anger a dog. Do not encourage its aggression. It is impossible to bring a dog to rage and to accustom her to aggression. The dog always has to remain for you a puppy.

For education of a dog it is the best of all to employ the trainer. But it is better not to hurry with the choice as the choice of this person, will affect qualities which the dog will have. Correctly sung a dog, she will become for you the defender and the loyal friend, will always be near and to give you joy.

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