• Nov 22, 2018

for service, for protection. Rather these dogs will be excellent partners in life, loyal friends for you and your family. The animal practically does not show aggression and if shows, then it is expressed in a usual layanye.

General Information about Labradors

Having looked in eyes to your pet, you will understand that in them there is no slightest drop of aggression. These animals in are convinced of ideality of the world: all love them, and they love all. The main thing not to undermine their belief in it belief.

The real Labrador will be cheerful, playful and good-natured. It is possible to tell that the dog will supplement the family center. Such pet in many countries is brought as a symbol of strong family.

The Labrador does not transfer loneliness at all. Always looks for entertainments if you cannot provide it them, but it will find them. But at the same time, do not leave it alone, the dog very strongly gets used to owners.

General Information about Labradors

This breed is ready to be on friendly terms with any people, animal. Will let in all the house, only, that with them were played. If an exception in friendship of lambrador, these dogs to birds are less good-natured. It is a historical factor, dogs always hunted birdies. Here everything depends on education of your animal. You should not get this dog for the purpose of protection of the dwelling.

It is impossible to tell about these dogs that they are silly. They are very intelligently developed. When you with it borrow, she will be very glad and will try to please you. The only problem in occupation with them will be the fact that they are very playful. The Labrador often distracts, begins plays the fool, preventing you with it to be engaged.

General Information about Labradors

If all of you decided to train your dog, then it is good. The Labrador can remember up to three hundred human teams.

Is not necessary in a dog in whom since the birth the set of merits is put, to bring up aggression.

At education and trainings do not use the system of punishments. The dog can will take offense or even to be depressed, and to bring her from there very hard. Encourage her for each achievement better.

If you decided to take a dog with yourself on hunting, then it can help you very well. Until you are hunts for a game, the Labrador will not make also to a step from you and will not prevent you in any way.

But as soon as the shot is made, it right there will rush to the place of a shot. And it is not important where the game will fall, a dog will be in joy to please you, and for it it will be also good entertainment.

Remember that the character of your dog, will depend on you. Put in her habits which would like to see in it.

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