• Dec 25, 2019
Not all dogs are designed to serve and protect

. Moreover, not everyone is able to afford to support a large animal in the conditions of the close apartment. Then decorative breeds come to the rescue. Except rather compact sizes, such pets differ in improbable ability to touch.

Pomeranian spitz-dog

Mimimetr reads off scale: 5 most touching breeds of dog

It is difficult to present, but these decorative doggies came from breeds of representatives of the Arctic heathland. In relation to the descendants animals had larger sizes. They were used most often as security guards or draft dogs.

Certainly, it is already difficult to present the Pomeranian spitz-dog in a team. On the other hand, they are used sometimes for protection — spitz-dogs will not stop the robber, but will be able to give the alarm in time.

Yorkshire terrier

Mimimetr reads off scale: 5 most touching breeds of dog

Historically this breed could force out cats at the time of industrial revolution in England. The Scottish workers brought small terriers whom then called Paisley. Unfortunately, living conditions of sloggers left much to be desired, and small doggies helped the owners to hunt rats.

the best breeds of dog for contents in the small apartment

After them began to cross to decorative breeds and the main destination began to pass into the background. In 1861 Yorkshire terriers already actively participated in so-called bench-shows which became primogenitors of modern exhibitions.

From character of representatives of a look it is possible to describe how good-natured and lovely. Such dogs are capable to become the excellent partner practically to each person.

Bichon frieze

Mimimetr reads off scale: 5 most touching breeds of dog

The breed also sometimes is called the French lap dog. Bichon frieze often extremely cheerful and vigorous. Despite presence at the nature of some independence, they cannot remain long alone. It is extremely important to representatives of breed to be in the company.

Bichons perfectly get on with children. Moreover, dogs see in them workmates for various games and entertainments. These lap dogs treat also cats kindly.

Several interesting facts about puppies of a bulldog

of the Akita Inu

Mimimetr reads off scale: 5 most touching breeds of dog

Really cult Japanese breed of dog which is esteemed for a long time by residents of the Land of the rising sun. Dogs differ in model fidelity and commitment. During critical situations of an Akita Inu will not recede for anything. In the bosom of the family the breed proves opposite — the dog becomes tender and extremely friendly.

The special attention is deserved by the attitude of an Akita Inu towards children of the owner. The pet not only likes to play and spend time with kids. An impression is sometimes made that the dog feels responsibility for the person.

of the Chow-chow

Mimimetr reads off scale: 5 most touching breeds of dog

It is difficult to confuse representatives of this view with another, they have unique appearance. Very few people know, but scientific research proves the fact that the age of breed contains not less than 2 thousand years. The place of origin is northern China and Mongolia.

of the Collie: features of breed and leaving

In these countries the breed carried other name more often connected with surprising similarity of a chow-chow and bears. The modern name of a dog was received thanks to the English travelers.

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