• Dec 29, 2019
Fauna is surprising and unpredictable

. Violence of paints, the sizes and strange forms blow the mind. But sometimes the appearance even throws habitual animals into confusion. Dogs who are for some reason similar to dogs less, than to other animals.

of the Chow-chow


If to be given in the head of a chow-chow the floor – a bear occurs. Not a bear, namely little lovely bear or bear cub. The special similarity can be observed at puppies of this breed.

Dense plush wool, round ears and rather short muzzle cause association with the owner of the wood. The breed perfectly is suitable for house contents. This is a benevolent, obedient and not really active dog.

German mastiff

German Mastiff

The German mastiff – breed of the biggest dogs in the world. This is a dog who combines force, nobility and grace.

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Watching how such pet runs, involuntarily you think of thoroughbred race horses. If your child asks to present to him a pony, buy the German mastiff, the difference will be imperceptible, at least, in a size.

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

All dogs of a genus of a mastiff have a heavy massive constitution. In Russia – it is not the most popular breed and will keep such handsome in the small-sized apartment with some difficulty.

The first that will strike at the sight of this animal, is his size and weight more than 80 kg. The second is his huge head with a magnificent mane.

From far away the mastiff can really be confused with a lion, but unlike a predator, the dog after all remains the friend of the person whatever big she was.

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of the Shiba-inu


Breed with surprising appearance and not less surprising character. The dog has the extended muzzle, a tail a ringlet, black expressive eyes and the color characteristic of chanterelle.

A dog – national pride of Japan. It conquered the whole world the interesting and lovely appearance, their red fur coat will not leave indifferent anybody.

Alaskan malamute

Alaskan malamute

The big, powerful dog was brought for transportation of heavy freights. The malamute very much resembles a wolf superficially. But on character is a leader who does not like to be in pack, and prefers to be the only favourite.

It is a friendly, clever and faithful dog who was brought to survive in severe conditions and therefore incredibly cunning and independent. The malamute has long wool with a dense underfur, as at a wolf, and a similar coloring.

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