• Dec 9, 2019

Huskies – lovely, kind, beautiful and strong dogs. Nobody can resist these creations. Children as in the winter of a dog can ride anyone on sledge very much like to play with them. However not everything is so iridescent: there are 5 reasons for which you should not get huskies at home.

 of 5 good reasons not to get huskies about which judges of lovely doggies forget

Wool everywhere

Huskies are darlings "plush toys", and especially puppies. They have beautiful and soft wool, a dense and dense underfur. But this breed has one feature – a constant molt. Therefore be regularly ready to comb out the pet and to clean up the apartment. The animal needs also to be combed and bathed at least 3 times a month. Otherwise the pet will unpleasantly smell, and shreds will be scattered on all room.

It is necessary to accustom to it an animal from small age that the procedure of combing and bathing did not give it an inconvenience. In process it is important to pay attention to removal of koltun and the felted underfur. Such procedure is an excellent opportunity to watch for the state of health huskies.


On the one hand, this high quality, but here will definitely not begin to protect huskies you. It is better to ask the hooligan to take a lead and to run away safely. He will not manage to let go a rope as shoulder dislocation will be provided to it.

is A lot of energy

This breed differs in vigor and mobility therefore the activity and loadings is simply necessary for it at all seasons of the year. If not to do it, then the dog will begin to miss and do dirty tricks, especially, when the owner is absent at home. It is the best of all to leave him some interactive toys and more often to walk the pet before leaving.

Little puppies like to study the world and to try everything on tooth: it does not make sense to abuse and punish huskies for it. Because of the rough relation the dog will cease to respect the owner and to see in it the authority.

does not love loneliness

This breed does not love loneliness. If the dog misses, then she begins to play pranks and turns the design ideas into reality, spoiling furniture, footwear, walls and wall-paper. You should not get this breed that who had no large and guard dogs earlier, it is better to look after options more simply.


Huskies cannot bark, they only howl. Sometimes they do it, echoing the TV. Very often dogs howl when all already sleep so neighbors will be not strongly glad to this "concert".

Sum up the result, It should be noted that to look after lovely and playful plush huskies it is very difficult and problematic. Especially, if to support the pet in the apartment. If you are not ready to active physical activities, early rises and long walks, then it will be better to choose absolutely other breed.

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