• Nov 18, 2018

of the Dog of breed of a collie have good reputation – they are considered as kind and obedient, loyal friends. Dogs of this breed have distinctive features by which it is necessary to be guided when choosing the pet.

Collie: features of breed and leaving

Description of breed

The collie is a shepherd's dog of the average sizes, a dog up to 65 cm, a bough up to 60 cm. All of a dog can reach 35 kilograms. In spite of the fact that initially collies were brought for the help to shepherds, dogs of this breed are good friends of the person, treat children kindly and differ in exclusive fidelity to the owner.

Collie: features of breed and leaving

Dogs of this breed can have either long wool, or wool of average length. Long-haired collies are most popular. The color of wool can consist of three flowers, various variations of red color are also acceptable. In the standard of breed it is specified that the dog has to have a white collar and socks on paws, a white strip on a muzzle and also a white tip of a tail. The dog has to have a harmonious constitution, the head narrow and long, and eyes have to be an almond-shaped form. Ears are small, triangular, an acinaciform tail.

Character of a dog

Dogs of this breed are friendly and open to communication. Collies like to potter with children, and if necessary protect and protect them. Such dog is ideal for big family.

Also a collie differ in high intelligence, they can learn many things also without systematic trainings as this breed is considered the most trained.

It should be noted that the collie requires a lot of attention therefore it will not suit people who spend not enough time at home, are not ready to play and communicate with a dog often. The lack of human attention can negatively affect a collie, provoke it to aggression and estrangement.

Collie: features of breed and leaving

Dogs of this breed love physical activity therefore walks with it have to be the long and filled games – with a stick, a ball, just joint jogs, the dog with pleasure will support all this. The collie with pleasure will play also with other dogs.

Care of a collie

As at a collie quite long wool, the main problem – emergence of koltun. It is necessary to comb a dog often, several times a week, deleting koltuna. During a molt it is necessary to comb it daily as collies very strongly fade. Continuous bathing is optional, but it is desirable to carry out this procedure of times in few months. Once a month claws are cut.

This dog well lives in the apartment, life in the box and on a chain at all not for it as she wants to spend time with people. During the family actions of a collie it is impossible to lock in the separate room: wishing to be aware of events, it can begin to howl and bark from loneliness.

Collie: features of breed and leaving

the Owner needs to watch behavior of a dog in games: she can begin to bite children or other animals as it is normal at shepherd's dogs. Such behavior needs to be stopped.

It is possible to feed a dog or qualitative dry and tinned feeds, or low-fat meat, porridges (except pearl barley), it is possible to give sea fish in a boiled look (surely without bones), also the dog eats eggs, cheeses, vegetables. It is necessary to avoid crude fish, tubular bones, fried food, sweets, fat meat. It is possible to give dogs vitamin supplements.

In general, care of a collie does not represent big work. At the correct care of people receives a faithful and friendly dog who will even be always ready to protect it at the cost of the life.

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