• Mar 3, 2019

a lot of joy to all family and also the pet. Unfortunately, in practice many are disappointed and give animals in a kind charge or just throw out on the street. Especially often it happens to some breeds which are considered as harmless. For this reason it is necessary to find out why dogs of small breeds should be got not all.

Dogs of Small Breeds

Main shortcomings

Among a big variety of dogs many select the pets only according to appearance. Of course, the milot and the appeal of small breeds prevails. Nevertheless kids cause many difficulties .

Availability of Dense Wool Will Force to Address the Groomer

Clothes for Dogs

  1. Availability of dense wool will force to address the groomer , independently will cope with it difficult.
  2. Sleek-haired pets will need clothes on a season which they will begin to refuse actively.
  3. Small breeds are very active and aggressive . They rush on people, dogs and any moving objects. The owner should protect the pet attentively.
  4. The balanced food and a set of vitamins is important for maintenance of health .
  5. Such animals very fragile, they can break a pad just during run.
  6. All such dogs accessories cost very much , on food, clothes and toys it is necessary to be spent.

the owner has to be ready To all these features of leaving in advance. Any mistake can lead to consequences in the form of a disease or a lethal outcome.

of the Mistake in leaving

Walking of Little Dogs

Many are solved on small breed because of deceptive advantages. For example, such pets can be accustomed to a tray. However the full refusal of walks will lead to aggression or a depression at an animal. Nevertheless it is better to continue a classical habit to walk 2 times a day, and to hold a diaper just in case.

Many owners decide not to bring up the pet, the kid cannot do serious harm. However each kid has to know simple teams, stings from a spitz-dog are also unpleasant and painful.

it is important to

to understand that the pet, even small and nice, is not an accessory, and the living being.

It needs attentive leaving and a large number of time, forces and money.

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