• Feb 28, 2019

Now the bulldog is one of the most popular breeds of dog.

The Most Interesting Facts about Puppies of a Bulldog Which Need to Be Known

However before it to get

, it is necessary to study features of behavior of this dog attentively.

Only after acquaintance with the interesting facts it is necessary to make the final decision on on puppies of a bulldog whether it is worth getting this dog.

As a rule, at representatives of above-mentioned breed 4−5 cubs are born .

As they have quite massive heads, generally they are born by means of Cesarean section.

Puppy of a Bulldog

These kids look a little aggressively, but at the same time have courageous and playful temperament. They very much love caress and attention.

From the earliest age of the pet his owner should begin to be engaged in his education as representatives of this breed are inclined to domination .

The puppy needs to impart understanding that in the house main not it at once.

These kids are simply overflowed with energy . For this reason they need constant physical activity.

If the owner does not provide

to the pet of necessary conditions for activity, that will begin to revenge it bad behavior.

Buying a bulldog, it is necessary to know that most often at representatives of this breed arise of a problem with hips, thermal control and breath .

Puppy of a Bulldog Leaving

These dogs like to be the only pets in the house, but if they since the childhood grow near other animals, then usually never cause them harm.

If in family is the child, then it is only desirable to get a dog of this breed when he is not less than five years old, and he will begin to understand that the puppy is a living being who cannot be offended.

the Pet since the childhood should be accustomed to a lead as if during walk he suddenly rushes to a fight with any dog, it will be quite difficult to tear off it from it.

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