• Nov 26, 2018

If you do not see the life without pet and made the choice for a dog of breed Labrador – the Retriever, then it is worth learning features of breed before buying a dog.

What Needs to Be Remembered when Choosing a Dog

Dogs of this breed are only three colors: pale-yellow, chocolate and black. Ears are trailing, the head in a cranial part wide, a powerful tail, average are long wool – all these signs are features of breed.

Labradors – extremely friendly dog, she never anybody will attack and will not bite therefore it is not suitable for protection at all, and here as the partner to you or your child will be ideal option.

Dogs of this breed very clever. They are often used as the assistant on hunting. Thanks to the unique underfur it will become the irreplaceable assistant at all seasons of the year, thanks to heat stability. Still Labradors can be rescuers or guides, but it does not mean that it is worth neglecting trainings. For a year every day the dog needs to be trained in training elements. And here to become a guard dog Labradors already undergo special selection in adult age and of a year to two pass in continuous trainings then four-footed becomes a guard dog.

What Needs to Be Remembered when Choosing a Dog

Labradors – a vigorous dog who has always a good mood which she is ready to give all surrounding however at excess of attention they are depressed, close communication with the person is extremely important for them. For this reason if you want to get a Labrador – prepare that walk with a dog will take at least 3 hours you (one hour in the morning and two in the evening). At this time you need to play with him games which demand big power consumption, and then houses shaggy will be quiet and will not bring any efforts.

Food of a Labrador has to be balanced and moderate as this dog is inclined to a set of extra kilos. Excess weight will result in congestion of joints that in turn leads to a dysplasia. It is possible to avoid this problem only thanks to healthy nutrition or by means of specially developed forages or most to prepare for the pet (you should not feed up a dog from a table at all.). However you should not mix this two types of food.

Besides obesity Labradors can hurt diabetes, osteochondrosis, cancer of corpulent cages, a cataract and many other diseases.

What Needs to Be Remembered when Choosing a Dog

In leaving representatives of breed Labrador – the Retriever are unpretentious. It is enough to clean once a week ears to the pet (because of trailing ears undesirable microflora can be formed there) and to comb out at least once in three – four days.

If, having weighed all pluses and minuses of breed, all of you decided to get a dog – buy from nursery and it is obligatory from a family tree.

will secure It against purchase not of a thoroughbred dog or a dog not of that breed which you expect.

One more question which can arise when choosing a dog: "Whom to take – a dog or to a bough?". If you take the girl – be ready though once but to couple a dog (even if you are not going to be engaged in cultivation of dogs). Only this way you will be able to avoid problems which sooner or later, will arise at it "on a female part". Representatives of this breed, as we know, give birth from five to fifteen puppies. Be ready to paperwork on each puppy, to inoculations and careful leaving on an extent from two to three months. However you will have unforgettable memories of that as "herd" of these angelic creations rushes on you when you come back home.

If you are not ready to such difficulties, the cable is your option.

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