• Dec 5, 2018

. Many dream to get a puppy after hundreds of lovely photos in a tape of social networks. On shoulders of this breed many contradictory myths laid down. A bull terrier — the blood-thirsty murderer. A bull terrier — the excellent nurse. So who is he this bull terrier?

Bull Terrier — the Blood-thirsty Nurse or the Tender Murderer

Choosing a puppy, it is necessary to be defined by whom you want to see your new pet: defender, security guard, friend or champion of exhibitions. Thoroughbred puppies need to be chosen carefully. Many nurseries often give to people of sick puppies. Correctly to choose a dog it is necessary to have sufficient experience, but if it is absent, it is possible to ask the help with the choice for experienced manufacturers. Because of genetic features of breed, your bull terrier can be a deaf. Contents is of great importance too. Be circumspect.

Bull terriers on character firm and stubborn. In education of a puppy of a bull terrier, as well as many other breeds, it is necessary to show patience. The correct training in basic teams is important in education of a dog.

Bull Terrier — the Blood-thirsty Nurse or the Tender Murderer

Communication with the person is necessary for a bull terrier. The breed is very located to people, is very trustful. As dogs copy behavior of the owners, you need to be tender with a puppy. Bull terriers as combative breed, it is important to disaccustom to aggression in elementary things at once: for example, to give a bone or a toy. The lack of contact and education, does of lovely puppies of aggressive dogs.

It is simple to look after a bull terrier:

  • Fades twice a year;
  • After walk it is optional to wash. There is enough sponge and a towel;
  • Claws grind off on walk.

It is regularly recommended to check eyes and ears for inflammation, for prevention. The dog needs to be supported in physical shape: let's it be run and play enough on walk. Never forget about physical exercises for the pet. Everywhere there are reefs and except deafness, many bull terriers are inclined to an allergy, especially white. To owners of own houses, it is necessary to pay attention to hair of bull terriers. It is short and on the street will be cold to a dog, and here in the apartment bull terriers feel perfectly.

Bull Terrier — the Blood-thirsty Nurse or the Tender Murderer

A bull terrier — a strong, dexterous and mobile dog. Because of the physical features and need in trainings, it will suit young owners more. Having correctly brought up a puppy, you receive the devoted friend. However dogs of this breed do not stand loneliness. It is necessary to remember that bull terriers not only are devoted, but also are jealous.

Bull terriers are excellent nurses and perfectly get on with children. However, so far the child absolutely small, a dog can accidentally push him or drop therefore it is worth watching games.

That you were not surprised, we remind that, because of widespread myths, on the street with your new friend will be careful of you.

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