• Nov 30, 2018

A little about origin persistently went. Shih-tzus usually consider the Chinese breed. Once, Dalai Lama presented to the Chinese emperor of the representative of this breed. Since then these little dogs were considered only by accessory of imperial families. There is an opinion that the origin goes from Byzantium. Proceeding from it, the exact origin of breed is unknown. There is a legend according to which, for Buddha the little pet who was ready to become at any time a lion persistently went and to rise in defense of the owner. It is considered that the Shih-tzu was this pet. The breed got to Europe thanks to the ambassador of Norway who visited China. There to it it was presented a bough of this breed. The ambassador brought to Norway. After a while, the ambassador decided to be engaged in cultivation of the Shih-tzu. He bought several dogs and since then distribution of a little lion across Europe began.

Dog of the Shih-tzu. The loveful pet for all age


Externally, the Shih-tzu looks as east wise man, or as a chrysanthemum. Such similarity is caused by the wool streaming on all body to the earth which covers also a muzzle of a dog. On a muzzle takes a form of moustaches, with a beard which it is possible to give the different forms. The muzzle and paws at the Shih-tzu short are long. Eyes are large, have the wide form, as well as a nose with nostrils. The tail is bent to a back. Wool so long that can bring certain difficulties both for the pet, and for the owner. Proceeding from it, for domestic dogs, it is necessary to brush, and wool on a muzzle needs to be removed on a bang not to bring trouble.

By itself, such woolen friend on walking you will not lead. It is possible to arrange a toilet and houses in the form of a tray. To the pet of it will be quite enough.

Dog of the Shih-tzu. The loveful pet for all age


A shih-tzu from those breeds which become attached not only to the owner, but also to all family members. With children, it is ready always frolics and has fun as considers himself one of them. However, and with other family members it is always ready to play. Loves owners literally before self-renunciation. Even if the owner in the middle of night will get up on the affairs, will not be too lazy to rise and follow him.

Despite all playfulness, meet also such that can lie down with the owner quietly and peaceful.


Speaking about leaving, it is necessary to be ready to daily bathings, raschyosyvaniye. At what it is necessary to bathe only long-haired dogs shampoos. In addition, it is regularly necessary to cut and comb the favourite both on a body and in a muzzle, and in armpits and intimate places. Except a wool hairstyle, it is regularly necessary to cut claws that the pet had a tidy look of paws. It is also necessary to clean ears from pollution.


It is necessary to be defined by what to feed the woolen friend. If at a diet there are forages, then you should not add natural food. It is better to arrange several days of food with a forage, and then the rest. At what food has to be always freshen. It is necessary to count how many the pet can eat quantity of food and give identical portions. If after any meal it is observed problems with digestion or a chair – it is worth excluding a product from a diet.

Dog of the Shih-tzu. The loveful pet for all age

Feeding frequency during the different period of life has to be different frequency. So puppies up to eight months need to be fed 4 times a day. After eight, gradually to pass to three meals a day. And already adult dogs can give food few times in day. But to watch that received enough food and did not overeat. It is better to boil meat a little, or to drench at least with boiled water. From a diet it is necessary to refrain from: chicken meat, crude liver, river fish, corn and bean, smoked products and sweets.

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