• Mar 9, 2019

by means of selection of people created a huge variety of species of domestic dogs which are capable to protect the territory or mouths of animals. The list of 10 most rare breeds of dog — the unique selection of species of domestic dogs made by experienced cynologists. The best friends of the person strike with unique intelligence, dexterity, fidelity.

10 most rare breeds of dog

The person tamed a dog about 12 thousand years ago. Using the cultivated wolf for the purposes, the person also did not notice how the devoted animal became his best friend.

In present time of dogs use not only for protection of the dwelling, but also for hunting for wild animals.

since ancient times of dogs called clever and devoted animals who are always ready to help the owner. Dogs helped to look for food, entertained kids, encouraged members of household.

American Hairless Terrier

Dog breeders described 10 rare breeds which have unique abilities:

Breed catalburun (Turkish pointer)


Lancashire Hiler

  1. The first descriptions of breed пхунсан appeared in the 18th century in the city of Kimkhengvon. There are several theories of origin of a pkhunsan. Koreans consider that the breed appeared by crossing of a wolf of the North Korean district with guard dogs. According to other theories, пхунсан is a close relative of a laika or spitz-dog. Pkhunsan use for hunting for rabbits, field mice, large mammals of the cat family.
  2. catalburun (the Turkish pointer) opened Breed in the 17th century, but the film logical international organizations of the world did not approve existence of a katalburun. Feature of a pointer — the nose consisting of two equal halves. Turkey appreciates a dog great hunting abilities. The Turkish pointer is hardy, quickly gathers speed and keeps it at necessary speed a long time.
  3. The Japanese cynologists specially removed Kaya's breed for hunting for wild animals on the mountain area. At the end of the 20th century Kaya's population practically disappeared therefore it was decided to create nursery. The dog possesses a well-muscled body, long paws thanks to which he without effort gets on a tree. Not striking brown color with black tiger strips helping to mask qualitatively when hunting. Kai perfectly hunt groups large mammals.
  4. Thanks to the small and proportional sizes of a body a lundehund without effort creep to narrow gorges of rocks. The dog brings to the owner for one hunting about 50 eggs.
  5. A puma — curly-headed gray wool. Has difficult, quite aggressive character.
  6. Stabikhun — despite great abilities of the shepherd, a dog is very quiet and balanced.
  7. A kuvasz — at mature age the dog reaches enough big sizes of a body (26−30 kg). The tail is low put. Indumentum dense, but rigid, usually white color.
  8. the Lancashire hiler — a shepherd's dog, despite the tiny sizes, very powerful and at the same time extremely benevolent. Has ancient origin. The homeland of breed are the British Isles
  9. the Gronlandshund — the first data on breed appeared only in 1930 though paleontologists found remains of the Gronlandshund living 5 thousand years ago.

Chinuk — was removed for transportation of heavy freights on the Arctic cold.

Breed of Dog Chinuk

Dogs of these breeds have endurance and advanced mind, are in most cases counterbalanced and quiet, but demand full-time employment and training.

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