• Feb 28, 2019

the Dog — a being unique. Her kindness and responsiveness are capable to fill the most boring life with communication, the movement, emotions. But acquisition of the pet, especially outstanding sizes — the decision very responsible.

Whether It Is Worth Getting a Dog of Large Breed

It depends on material resources, free time, living conditions. Possibly, 10 reasons to get a dog of large breed will be able to help somebody to make a right choice.

Specific features of big dogs

Those which representatives have the weight more than 45 kg and growth traditionally belong to large breeds 50 cm are higher. Among dogs it is giants.

They are various

on appearance and character, but there is in them and a certain similarity.

the Main reasons to choose a big dog:

The Reasons to Get a Dog of Large Breed

  1. First of all, it is solidity. Such dogs do not need to prove the power, it is quite shown in their exterior. In a situation where small and average doggies will cannot stop heart-rending bark, the giant should just take several steps forward and to designate the presence. It, as a rule, is enough. But if it is necessary to show a voice, then it is, and rather loud to be heard.
  2. Large dogs — an example of devotion. Many breeds were specially removed for the purpose of protection of family as, for example, mastiffs. They are careful in relation to women and children who are perceived as the members of the pack needing guardianship. Mastiffs of breeds of XL react to shout of the child even if it reaches from the TV. And at removal of leonbergers manufacturers initially solved a problem to remove breed of large and gentle dogs.
  3. Centuries giants were used as security guards so this instinct at them is dominating from the birth. Self-checking, attentiveness and assiduity are characteristic of them. The large Rhodesian ridgeback perfectly feels also in the city apartment, and in a country house.
  4. Giants are clever. It is unclear, from where the prejudice undertook that they are badly trained. Experienced cynologists claim that there is no difference in training between representatives of large and small breeds.
  5. Firm understanding of the force leads to the fact that giants are surprisingly good-natured and appeasable.

Social advantages of giants

Reason No. 6. the Big dog — the great tutor . It develops sociability, mobility, an outlook, respect for people around at children. At the child the self-assessment and self-confidence raises.

Dog of Large Breed in the House

nalichy a mighty canine friend reduces teenage aggression and as researchers notice, forms more successful personality since childhood accustomed to responsibility and independence.

Besides children find in the born security guard for themselves the reliable bodyguard.

No. 7. Communication with big dogs is useful also for people of old age for whom they become faithful partners.

by results of the researches conducted in England and the USA, aged dog lovers is 65% more, than lonely people, are satisfied with the physical, moral and social state.

No. 8. Giants are capable to render the effective help to the person in a critical situation. Divers perfectly swim, St. Bernards are searchers and rescuers. To be a nurse and the guide also a prerogative of big and large dogs.

Medicinal properties of dogs

Reason No. 9. Medical impact of dogs on the person brought to life the whole direction in medicine — a kanisterapiya (canis, lat. — dog).

It is revealed that at children of owners of dogs is 50% more rare risk of developing of such diseases as:

Dog of Large Breed and Child

  • allergy to dust;
  • dermatitis;
  • eczemas;
  • asthmas.

At adults decrease in cholesterol in blood , feelings from a hypertension is observed. Simple stroking on hair of an animal improves indicators of breath, pressure, heartbeat. In their saliva it is revealed лизоцин — the enzyme killing pathogenic microorganisms.

Many pregnant ladies claimed that communication with pets distracted them from unpleasant symptoms of toxicosis.

And the tenth reason — a statusnost. Giants always and everywhere riveted special attention on themselves, caused admiration. To be an owner of such dog means to open the doors in elite club of XL dogs and their owners.

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