• Mar 3, 2019

can Hardly meet the child, not the person interested to get a pet with whom it is possible to play, walk and to cheerfully spend time. After the decision is made and parents thought of buying a puppy, it is necessary to define the most friendly breeds of dog which very much love children, are not dangerous and moderately active. It is worth treating the choice seriously as not each kind of these animals will suit the kid.

Friendly Breeds of Dog

pet's Size

Most tender dogs

Professionals do not recommend to get a pet to the child who did not reach seven-year age as to bear responsibility and will look after the favourite pet he is not able, the adult should feed and walk.

Choosing a puppy, it is better to give preference to small representatives with non-conflicting and peaceful character. It is desirable to get large breeds when the kid becomes more senior, approximately by 12−13 years as at this age he will be capable to bring up and train an animal correctly.

the Basic rule by which it is worth being guided when choosing a dog is the his weight which should not exceed the weight of the kid. However to get representatives of too small breeds too not always the right decision. Small pets do not allow ill-treatment of themselves that is so peculiar to kids who by negligence can do them harm.

of 5 friendly breeds

Practically all dogs who were brought correctly up do not show aggression without the reason. But nevertheless at some quadrupeds hunting instincts therefore it is better to choose a puppy from the list friendly and the least dangerous to children are genetically put:

Breeds of Friendly Dogs for Children

  1. Labrador . This pet will become the loyal friend for the child of school age, but it will not be suitable for babies. The breed differs in quiet temper and peaceful character. Will bark only at strangers, but will not begin to attack.
  2. the Golden retriever differs in excessive kindness, desire to please all, at the same time has absolutely nonaggressive character. A retriever — the excellent nurse. They well give in to training, are clever and obedient.
  3. Newfoundland . One of the kindest, patient and devoted dogs. Resembles superficially a big bear who wants to be stroked and embraced. Ideal option for kids.
  4. Beagle . This breed was removed especially for hunting, but, despite it, they with pleasure will play with children, are very obedient and true. It is boring for them without physical activity, they just adore active games and do not like to be long without owner.
  5. of the Collie . These beings are extremely good-natured and clever, but at the moment of danger they will be able to protect the owner. Pets are easily trained, excellently give in to training and perfectly get on with children of any age.

Besides thoroughbred dogs, the beautiful friend and the family member can become also an ordinary mongrel.

Before getting the pet, the child has to understand that it is a responsible step. The puppy is not a toy, and the living being, it is necessary about is mute to care and love him.

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