• Mar 4, 2019

of the Doggie not one millennium are loyal friends of the person. Today it is possible to choose the pet to liking, depending on his size and character. Many prefer medium-sized quadrupeds. But there are 10 myths about small breeds of dog which need to be dispelled before deciding on acquisition of the favourite.

10 myths about small breeds of dog

Myths about the nature of small breeds

Many owners are sure that small doggies are lovely and kind creatures which have appeasable character.

Among the population of the planet exists a number of hypotheses of character of medium-sized quadrupeds who are quite misleading:

What It Is Necessary to Know about Small Breeds of Dog

How to Look After Small Doggies

  • of the Dog of small breeds bark much . It not absolutely so. Most of "kids" are not inclined to active bark. And shiba-inus and Boston terrier are not able to bark in general. The loud behavior of the pet depends on his character and education.
  • does not need to Train and bring up the little pet . Decorative doggies have explosive character therefore they need to be trained in the correct behavior. Otherwise, they become uncontrollable.
  • Medium-sized dogs are not dangerous and are suitable for families with small children. Each cynologist will tell that decorative quadrupeds least of all are suitable for kids. Most of them are aggressive and impulsive, for example, a toy terrier or a Yorkshire terrier. They will not suffer a tiskanye or other children's manifestations of attention and can use teeth and claws.
  • Little dogs can be only decorative . Many medium-sized breeds were removed for destruction of rodents at factories and used for designated purpose. Therefore such doggies not in a smaller measure are allocated with intuition, they are good watchmen and hunters. This pet will not be worse than a St. Bernard to protect to the last the owners.
  • Decorative dogs cannot arrange to defeat in the apartment . Actually, they are capable of a lot of things. And thanks to the briskness and ability everywhere creep, spoil they can anything.

Care of tiny favourites

Leaving is not less important part when choosing the pet.

the Majority do not want to potter with the favourite therefore wish an unpretentious dog long.

there Are delusions about care of decorative breeds which should not believe:

Rules of Keeping of Dogs of Small Breed

  • It is not obligatory to walk such dogs. A decorative crumb it is possible to accustom to go to a tray, but at the same time the need in walking will not get to anywhere. Not to be ill, fresh air and expanse surely are required for the favourite. Life in the closed space does not suit anybody.
  • Care of little dogs is minimum. If to take in an example of the same Yorkshire terrier, then his wool needs constant comb-out. Plus to everything, this breed often has problems with teeth therefore the regular campaign to the doctor is obligatory. It is already possible to tell about each decorative doggie. Most often, care of small is very difficult.
  • The clothes on tiny pets are a way of the owner to be allocated. Actually, small doggies freeze in a frost, and overalls and footwear are a need.
  • Medium-sized doggies love when they are carried on handles. You should not adjust all doggies to one template: most of them with pleasure move independently, and here in a handbag they do not fit at all.
  • Tiny pets suit only women. The activity of a dog does not depend on breed therefore men can get a small dog too. The favourite with pleasure will go shooting with the owner and also will keep the company for evening jog.

of the Dog of small breeds have the pluses and minuses which need to be considered upon purchase of a canine friend. Having only carefully considered the choice it is possible to hope safely for that, in family the true and devoted friend will appear.

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