• Oct 22, 2019
Each person is unique

, however from under what star he was born, many lines of his character depend. Features of animals also depend on arrangement of stars. In order that the relations between the owner and a dog were harmonious and gave both pleasure, when choosing the pet be guided by councils of astrologers.

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

the Aries – алабай

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

Алабай, as well as the Aries, has bravery and pride. This is the real wolfhound. The dog allocated with self-respect. Алабай it is loyal to people around while those do not break its border. If he feels danger, then is ready to fight for the owner and the entrusted territory. Alaba – reliable companions.

Distinctive feature of breed – obstinacy. If the dog solves something, him it is difficult "to get moving forward". Such is and the Aries. Having leadership skills, he will become the good owner for alaby.

the Taurus – a basset hound

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

In the opinion of a basset hound – all grief of the world. It is ready to lie for days on end in a cushy job and to pretend that nothing concerns it. The basset hound sometimes pretends to be silly, not trainable. But it is very clever hound. Having picked up a trail, representing the purpose, the dog persistently will go all the way. Also and the Taurus, having big internal force, remains externally passive till a certain moment.

The conservative, the fan of luxury and comfort the Taurus will be a lovely host for a basset hound.

Twins – a Siberian Huskies

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

Huskies – friendly dogs with easy temper. They are careful and attentive. Have independent spirit that makes related them with wolves.

Having mobility and cheerful nature, huskies well will suit air Twins, will become for them reliable friends and partners.

Cancer – a poodle

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

Cancer differing in peace, house temper will suit a poodle. It is appeasable, tender, benevolent breed. Differs in strong affection for the owner. To a poodle well everywhere where there is an owner – houses on a sofa, on a visit, on the street.

Walks are important for this breed. So the poodle splashes out energy. Cancer differing in patience and responsibility will regularly walk the pet and also will provide care of wool.

the Lion is a Yorkshire terrier

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

Independent, courageous and ambitious Lev will suit small, but very brave doggie. Despite the modest sizes, the Yorkshire terrier seeks to dominate among other dogs.

Yorkshire terriers are always well-groomed, cut and brushed. As well as Lions, they always are the focus of attention. Celebutantes usually get such doggies.

The lion will estimate cheerful nature, brave heart and the independent nature of this breed.

the Maiden – a riesenschnauzer

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

The maiden differs in aspiration to an order and strict observance of rules. For them the riesenschnauzer will become an ideal dog. In this breed the playfulness, mobility and love to rules are combined. They are patient and diligent. As well as Maidens, love the strict schedule.

From early age the riesenschnauzer needs strict discipline and training. If to miss the moment, the dog can grow uncontrollable and aggressive. Maidens perfectly cope with education. The riesenschnauzer becomes the wonderful friend taking of the owner the hint for this sign.

Scales – a shiba-inu

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

The Scales counterbalanced, striving for harmony will suit the Japanese breed of a shiba-inu. This is a clean small dog, unostentatious and devoted. On character they remind cats. Are also independent and self-sufficient. Though in soul are sincerely attached to the owner. Scales, being the air sign, appreciate independence of a shiba-inu.

At this breed, as well as at Scales, the periods of impetuous activity are replaced by dormant periods.

The shiba-inu is able to express emotions. For each situation at a dog the expression of a muzzle is laid up: smile, surprise, sarcasm, discontent. Being psychologists by nature, Scales appreciate this ability of a shiba-inu. They will not begin to become angry long about a dog, than will deserve still great love of the pet.

the Scorpion – a Dobermann terrier

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

The bright, temperamental Scorpion will suit a Dobermann terrier.

Externally the dog looks awful. Possessing a strong well-muscled body, the developed jaws, a Dobermann terrier force to be afraid and avoid people around it. But it is the devoted and constantly seeking to please the owner dog.

the Sagittarius – the Staffordshire terrier

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

Sagittariuses differ in leadership skills. They like to order and subordinate all to the will. The Staffordshire terrier will be suitable for this sign. The breed needs the strong-willed and strict owner.

The Staffordshire terrier – a sentry dog who protects not only the owner and family members, but also their property. And, as well as the Scorpion, she will fight to the last, without receding.

the Capricorn – a German shepherd

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

The practical and ambitious Capricorn will be glad to get the disciplined and responsible German shepherd.

This breed for keeping fit needs constant trainings. A capricorn, having truly the German punctuality, will not allow the pet to wither. The relations of the owner and a dog will differ in harmony.

Aquarius – a Jack Russell Terrier

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

For Aquarius alien to any strict rules the Jack Russell Terrier will become the beautiful pet. It is the most active of breeds. It constantly is in the movement. Quiet and ceremonious behavior – not for it. Having a perennial spring of energy inside, the Jack Russell Terrier will well fit into life of the air sign. Without being a strict person, Aquarius caress, a praise and persistence will be able correctly to bring up a dog. It will not be boring for them definitely together.

of Fish is the Afghan borzoi

What Dog Will Suit Each of Zodiac Signs

The Afghan borzoi – one of the most beautiful breeds. She demands considerable leaving, care and patience.

In soul it is very devoted dog. But his behavior looks a little detached, independent. Such type will suit melancholic and quiet Fishes. They would be weighed by too quick and emotional pet. It gives pleasure to fishes to look after magnificent hair of a dog. This sign is attentive on walk, controls behavior of a dog hunter.

It is noticed that dogs are often similar to the owners. But so happens only when the person takes in the house of the pet similar to it in character. Having chosen "the" dog, you will get the devoted friend and the ally.

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