• Mar 17, 2019

Counters of supermarkets and pet-shops dazzle with a variety of forages for animals therefore it is very important to choose food which will contribute as much as possible to the healthy development and growth of an animal. Before getting any product, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian. Mixes can differ in taste, a smell, color and other parameters which should be considered, choosing a forage for a puppy. 7 important nuances will help not to be mistaken in this case.

We Choose a Forage for a Puppy

Manufacturer, availability and structure

It is better to give preference to those producers which work quite long period and enjoy popularity at dog breeders.

It is desirable for pet to buy the same forage . You should not try everything that is in pet-shop. The chosen brand surely has to be readily available that at any moment of it it was possible to get in the nearest shop.

It Is Desirable to Buy to the Pupil the Same Forage.

Before buying mix, is important to read its structure attentively. At each dog the need for nutrients different, but the main indicator is the level of content of meat. The it is higher, the better.

Breed, constitution and activity

Breed, Constitution and Activity of a Dog

The structure of forages for different breeds of dog can strikingly differ. You should not neglect an age framework as a diet of an adult dog will not be suitable for a puppy . Also his need for minerals therefore upon purchase it is important to pay attention to purpose of a forage — for small or large breeds depends on the size and the constitution of an animal.

depends On a way of life of a dog her need for food. Hyperactive pets need the additional volume of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Low-calorie food with the increased content of proteins and celluloses will be suitable for inactive animals more.

Specialized forages

At emergence in the pet of problems with health it is worth paying attention to special forages with the increased content of these or those useful substances . Necessary components:

Specialized Dog Food

  1. of Squirrels . Suits the dogs having obesity.
  2. Hondrotoin and glycosamine. Promote disposal of problems with joints.
  3. Fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. Add gloss to wool, eliminate integument diseases.
  4. Rough vegetable fibers . Promote clarification of enamel from a scale.
  5. Meat of a lamb and fish, vegetables, herbs. The structure is developed especially for dogs with tendency to an allergy.
  6. Magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, vitamins A, C, D, F, B5. Promote increase in immunity.
  7. L-carotene . Improves metabolism.
  8. A forage with the low content of fats. Is suitable for the animals having digestive tract diseases.

It is important to remember that correctly chosen food not only will support health of the pet, but also will help to save on visits of veterinary clinics.

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