• Aug 7, 2019
Carefully look after the pet's ears, especially if ears trailing (for example, as at spaniels). Such dogs most often have problems.

the Nature created the hearing aid of dogs so that the ear was cleaned independently. For this reason ears practically always remain clean with a healthy dog. At healthy dogs in ears dark brown allocations in small amounts are formed. It is so-called "ear sulfur". If it is not enough, it protects an auricle so it is not necessary to delete it daily from dirt.

Clean ears to a dog the pieces of bandage or cotton wool moistened in special medicine. In the beginning wipe an external ear, then (carefully!) — auricle curls.

the Little puppy can be frightened of the procedure and try to escape therefore it is better to use a Q-tip that the cotton wool piece accidentally did not remain in an ear.

Dog with Large Ears
clean Ears once a week (dogs with long trailing ears) or 1 time in 2 – 3 weeks (dogs with short standing ears). It is impossible to use hydrogen peroxide — it is possible to injure skin in an auricle and to provoke irritation. For removal of ear sulfur special lotions which in huge assortment are presented in vetapteka are used. The main thing — to pick up what will suit your pet better.

Instruction of a plant louse of cleaning of ears of a dog

1. Dig several drops of solution in an ear of a dog, massage and let's the pet shake by the head – so it will push out sodden pollution from an ear.

2. Accurately remove the remained pollution with the wadded disk moistened in solution and wipe an ear dry.

you Should not climb in an ear a Q-tip as you can only push a sulfuric stopper further and provoke a disease.

If a dog does not complain of ears, it needs no medical drops, neither "antitick-borne", nor "anti-inflammatory".
Existence of an ear tick is diagnosed only by the veterinarian, he appoints treatment. Special drops for prevention of ear pincers can be used when processing a dog from fleas. Constantly you should not use them for cleaning of ears.
At some breeds of dog (for example, poodles) needs to delete wool from an ear that it did not collect dirt and water and did not provoke development of otitis. Wool is accurately cut off scissors with stupid tips. As a rule, it becomes during the general hairstyle.

If you noticed inflammations in ears, reddening of an auricle, "squelch" or a dog constantly scratches ears and shakes the head, address the veterinarian.
If is otitis, then the earlier you will begin treatment, the quicker the dog will recover. The chronic form of a disease is treated long and difficult.
Most often otitises arise at dogs with trailing ears. Therefore if you have such pet, attentively examine his ears.
Reddening or a tumor can testify to a fungal infection. If not to take her unawares at an initial stage, the dog will feel pain, to shake the head and to try to rub ears about pieces of furniture.
If ears according to the standard have to stand, you should not iron a puppy on the head — you can spoil a shape of ears. The ear cartilage at a puppy soft, gets stronger approximately by 5 — 6 months, and by this moment ears usually rise. If the puppy lacks mineral substances, the cartilage can remain soft.

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