• Dec 12, 2018

Sooner or later at the healthy house alumna there comes the puberty period. At this time instincts induce an animal to be engaged in active search of the partner for pairing. Techka at a cat can be followed by the loud shouts bringing to the owner discomfort. Therefore it is important to know how many the uneasy behavior of the favourite will proceed and how to distract her from sexual hunting.

As the Techka at a Cat Proceeds

of Feature of a techka

The animal becomes polovozrely at the age of about 6 months. In certain cases maturing occurs for 2−4 months later. The lack of a techka indicates hormonal violation which can negatively affect the state of health of an animal. The individuals ready to pairing and pregnancy in 4 months meet. This feature can be descended therefore for cultivation of a cat with early puberty are not used.

The average duration of a cat's techka is 7 days. The untied animals usually flow each three months, the alumnae who were not participating in pairing can demand a cat every month. At separate breeds, such as British short-haired, the Scottish Fold, skottish-strayt, a cycle lasts 6−8 months. A spontaneous ovulation presence nearby often calls a cat.

Knowing what happens to a cat during a techka, it is possible to control the state of health of the favourite. This difficult for an animal and his owner the period consists of several stages:

Features of a Techka at a Cat

  1. Proestrus . Genitalia of a cat bulk up, she does not show concern yet, but can become more gentle to the owner. On genitalia mucous allocations are noticeable, but the animal is not ready to pairing yet. Proestrus lasts up to 4 days.
  2. Estrus . Techka during whom the pet rides on a floor rubs about the owner's legs, loudly mews. In 3−5 days after the beginning of an estrus there is an ovulation, and the cat becomes ready to knitting. The general duration of a techka — from 7 to 10 days.
  3. Metestrus . Within 3−10 days of a libido of an animal goes down if there occurred fertilization, the female aggressively reacts to cats. At this time at the alumna the false pregnancy connected with violation of a hormonal background can develop. If the cat for no reason at all begins to equip the stove bench, dragging warm clothes and soft toys there, it is worth showing the favourite to the veterinarian that her physical and mental health did not suffer.
  4. Anestrus . The termination of a cycle of a techka at cats during which the animal calms down.

Techka comes at all seasons of the year, but in the winter this period proceeds more quietly, and in the spring and in the summer the rough hormonal splash is observed.

Signs of sexual hunting

Techka at a cat passes not always violently. can indicate the following signs approach of an ovulation:

Signs of a Techka at a Cat

  • Allocations. The animal often licks genitals, sometimes leaves damp marks on fabric.
  • Loss of appetite. The cat ceases to show interest in earlier loved products.
  • The speeded-up urination. At usual consumption of liquid the alumna visits a tray more often and can begin to urinate in not put places, marking the territory.
  • Miaow. Drawing attention of cats, the female loudly shouts all night long.
  • Change of behavior. The animal can become sociable and tender or begin to show aggression.
  • Characteristic pose. At readiness for pairing, the cat caves in if to stroke it on a back, crawls upon stomach with the lifted back part of a body and the taken-away tail.
  • Attempts to flight. The alumna looks for an opportunity to escape therefore it is worth closing densely doors and window leaves. If the animal runs away, the probability of emergence of posterity is high.

How to help an animal

It is not necessary to abuse a cat for the fact that she shows concern. The alumna is incapable to control the instincts independently. Even if the cat breeding, is not recommended to allow her to knitting before achievement of one-year-old age.

the Condition of an animal can be facilitated by means of demulcents:

  • a motherwort — on 3−5 drops of grass infusion 2 times a day;
  • "Kot Bayun" — 2 ml for half an hour before meal 3 times a day;
  • "Stop the Stress" — at the rate of 1 drop on 1 kg of weight in the morning and in the evening.

To help cats at a techka

Medicinal liquid means are recommended to be mixed with food or to dig in in a mouth by means of the pipette.

Experts do not advise to use medicines on the basis of hormones without consultation with the veterinarian. The doctor can write out a course of hormonal pricks which for a while will calm an animal. But you should not be fond of such means, their regular application can become the reason of development of oncological diseases and premature death of a cat.

the following receptions will help to Distract an animal:

Massage of a cat

  • The outdoor games allowing an animal to spend the collected energy.
  • Massage. It is necessary to put a hand on a back of a cat in shovels, having pressed it to a floor. By means of big and a forefinger of a free hand it is necessary to squeeze the tail basis. The cat at the same time can growl and mew. It is necessary to do massage until the animal does not begin to escape. Happens that after that the cat itself comes for continuation of the procedure.
  • It is important to talk more to the favourite, to iron her, to hold on hands.
  • It is possible to expiate a cat or to moisten with her a tail water. The animal will be licked and will be tired.
  • For prevention of night concerts it is necessary to try not to allow the alumna to sleep the whole day.

If it is not planned to receive from a cat posterity, it is the best of all to sterilize her. Operation assumes removal of reproductive organs.

Surgical intervention is made to or after the first techka when to an animal 6−7 months are executed. The activity of a cat in this case remains.

Disturbing symptoms

In the period of a techka animals do not suffer from spasms and pains, but it is worth watching closely the state of health of the alumna in time to notice deviations and to take necessary measures. it is necessary to Address the veterinarian in such cases:

  • duration of a techka is more than 15 days;
  • mucous allocations from genitals with impurity of pus or blood;
  • the vomiting caused by overdose of demulcent or intolerance of the components which are its part.

Having found out as the techka at cats proceeds, it is possible to prepare the alumna for knitting beforehand. If the animal is not of breeding value, it is better to sterilize it, having saved from unsuccessful search of the partner.

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