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successfully, it is possible to define it in the nearest future. The pregnant cat a sphinx begins to behave in a different way. At this time she very needs care, caress and special leaving. Puberty at cats occurs at the age of 6 — 9 months. However experts recommend to carry out pairing not earlier, than to an animal 12−15 months will be executed.

Pregnant Cat Sphinx


and signs of pregnancy

Techka at animals name the period of sexual excitement. At this time females are ready to conception and incubation of posterity. The regularity and duration of a techka depends on many factors. On average this phenomenon proceeds 10−15 days and repeats each 3−4 weeks before pregnancy. At domestic cats the periods of sexual excitement it can be observed during the whole year. However in the early spring the activity of an animal can be even more noticeable.

The special calendar of pregnancy of sphinxes is developed for control of process of receiving posterity. With its help it is possible to define date of emergence of the first signs, estimated day of childbirth and date of resettlement of posterity to new owners.

In 3 weeks after successful knitting it is possible to notice the following changes in a condition of an animal:

Signs of Pregnancy of a Cat

  • increase in nipples in sizes;
  • change of their color with pale on bright pink;
  • on the 4th week symptoms of toxicosis can be observed — the animal becomes sluggish, loses appetite;
  • from fifth week body weight increases;
  • after approach of the sixth week it is possible to notice colostrum in nipples.

Depends on an individual condition of an animal and quantity of kittens how many pregnancy lasts. At cats of sphinxes average duration is 62 days. The individual error up to 5 days in this or that party is possible. The more kittens has to be born, the incubation period is shorter. To complicate pregnancy and childbirth of the Canadian sphinx the stress transferred a cat can.

If the owner of an animal is not confident in the successful result of knitting, it is possible to address to veterinary clinic and to show the alumna to the expert.

of Change in behavior

Changes in Behaviour of a Cat

The period, how many sphinxes bear kittens, depends on age of a female. Usually they bring from 1 to 12 kids for pregnancy. The number of posterity can increase as the cat becomes more senior. If to allow too early knitting of an animal, the organism can not sustain loadings and the cat will die together with kittens. In the course of incubation of kittens the behavior of a sphinx can significantly change:

  • the animal begins to refuse favourite food, to be fastidious;
  • the cat goes on the apartment in search of a new shelter for the posterity;
  • aggression to the owner and other inhabitants of the house including a pet is sometimes shown.

You should not worry concerning such changes. Gradually the animal will get used to the new state and will behave as usual.

Signs of fast childbirth

The experienced manufacturer defines fast approach of childbirth for several days. It gives the chance to be prepared for process and to make it the most safe. Pregnancy of the Canadian sphinx and the occurring childbirth leave a mark on appearance and behavior of an animal:

  • mammary glands bulk up, from them colostrum exudes;
  • the cat often licks to herself genitals;
  • the animal can lose appetite;
  • the nose and ears become cold, the general body temperature decreases;
  • the pregnant alumna looks for a secluded corner where she seeks to hide to build to itself the place for childbirth;
  • if future mother accepted the place offered by the owner, she often gets into it;
  • Periodically the sphinx shows concern — goes for the owner, mews, rubs about legs requires attention.

Signs of Fast Childbirth

Directly before the beginning of childbirth breath of an animal becomes faltering. The cat can lay down sideways with the extended hinder legs. The most reliable sign — an otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters and emergence of fights.

When the kitten is born, the female licks him and bites through a fetal cover, releasing at first a cub head, and then a trunk. Then mother independently peregryzat to a kitten an umbilical cord and eats the left afterbirth. It is necessary for it as the placenta contains a large amount of the hormones and other biologically active agents useful to a cat.

Leaving and food

The pregnant Canadian sphinx demands special food . The forage for a cat needs to be selected proceeding from her age and an individual state. The diet has to contain more products rich with protein and calcium. It is possible to get special forages for pregnant women or for kittens.

Food of a Pregnant Sphinx

It is also necessary to look after more carefully — at this time the cat requires to herself more attention. On the street it is better to refuse walks at this time. If not to follow the alumna, perhaps repeated fertilization that will not bring benefit to health of a cat and will damage to future posterity.

All medicine which are taken by a cat during pregnancy have to be agreed by with the veterinarian . Especially it concerns antivermicular, insecticidal and acaricide medicines.

During pregnancy right after the okot the animal is in own housing especially in great need. For a cat it is possible to build a cozy nest. It is better to place it in the warm quiet place without drafts. The lodge of the pregnant alumna has to be rather low that she had not to do sharp movements and to jump from big height. It can lead to a posterity trauma. To save future mother from an additional stress, at this time it is desirable to protect her from other animals. The cat can aggressively behave, and business will end with a fight that during pregnancy is absolutely undesirable.

As the stomach sizes will increase, the cat will not be able to reach certain places to be licked. Here the help of the loving owner can be required. It is possible to wipe skin of an animal with the clean rag moistened in warm water.

In recent days you should not leave for a long time a cat unguarded. If the state and behavior of an animal causes concern, it is possible to invite to the house of the veterinarian or to address to the nearest clinic. It is desirable to have at itself the direct phone of the doctor.

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