• Aug 27, 2019
prevention of a babezioz at dogs consists Now in prevention of attack on them of ixodic pincers. Various repellents are for this purpose used. Today there are many medicines of acaricide and repellent action applied in convenient to small animal forms. It should be noted a variety of forms of release: spray, drops on withers, powder, collars, a wax pencil. On the chemical composition it is most often carbamates and pyrethroids.
prevention of a babezioz of a piroplasmosis at dogs
From carbamates is most often used байгон (пропоксур, undines, апрокарб). It is effective инсектоакарицид, possesses the expressed intense and quite long residual action. Is a part of many insektoakaritsidny forms for small animals.

Widely apply also repellents by a spraying method, first of all pyrethroids. Stomazan and неостомазан use in cultivation 1:400, бутокс in cultivation 1:1000, spray dogs of times a week during the whole season of parasitizing of pincers.
Apply also fosfororganichesky connections. It is convenient to use them for dogs in the form of concentrates by drawing on skin of a back or withers, for example, tiguvon-20. for the correct application to move apart wool on withers of a dog and by means of the pipette to apply medicine to skin. Repellent action remains within 3 — 4 weeks.
of FRONTLINE (Frontlayn, France) is spray. The bottle of 100 and 250 ml contains fipronit — 0.25 g, эксипиент — up to 100 ml. It is applied to external spraying of dogs and cats for protection against ektoparazit.
Dosage: 7.5 mg õ¿»Ó«¡¿½á/kg mass of an animal = 3 ml = 6 pressing a spray. In the presence of long wool: 15 mg õ¿»Ó«¡¿½á/kg mass of an animal = 6 ml = 12 pressing a spray. Is on sale in bottles on 100 and 250 ml. Medicine is applied on all surface of a body of an animal, including the head, extremities, a stomach against growth of hair, moistening all integument. Further processing of a dog: against pincers — in 21 days. At a strong zakleshchevannost of the area processing should be carried out in about 18 days.
Collars are rather widely presented at the market of the zooindustry (Kiltix, Bolfo ("Вауег"), Beaphar, Hartz, the Celandine, Rolf-Club, Ceva). Duration of protection against ticks — from 3 to 7 months. The collar is worn constantly, it is waterproof. Duration of protective action depends on length and an ukhozhennost of a wool cover, activity of an animal and also on the number of pincers on the area. In case of the high number of the last the "protective shaft" created by a collar can be overcome. At decrease in efficiency the collar has to be replaced with new. However, the efficiency of these medicines depends on a large number of factors (metabolism level, density of a wool cover, the wrong use of medicine) and their prolonged use can cause poisoning and allergic reaction in an animal. Besides, they are directed to prevention of attack of pincers on animals, and in case of a sting of the infected V.'s individual of canis gets to blood and causes a disease.
For prevention of a babezioz of dogs (for example, during a hunting season in endemic areas with high degree of contamination of pincers babeziya) is possible a 2-fold injection in therapeutic doses of the medicines which are applied to treatment of a piroplasmosis with an interval of 10 days.

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